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I like this because it is very good. It is worth ,5 starts. I am on my last one . 5 star

Puppy runner I just got this game today and it's pretty awesome other people should try it because this is an amazing game you have to work really hard in the garden November something 2015 and it's at night and I got at 10:30 its really fun you should get it and go get supplies

Annoying ads Need it ads free for toddlers and NO in app purchases. So annoying! Otherwise its a good game.

Its just I hate it a lot but I like it a lot. Does that make sense? I would probably rate it 5 stars if it was not so hard.

Good Job I really enjoyed this game I wish that other people like me would appreciate what you and other makers go through they don't understand what good work is I love it you did great =) LOVED IT

Love puppys Omg Sean martin that's what it is ment to do if u have Sean the first one it was called talking puppy so that's why is copying u

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