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this game is good and all but too many ads and i mostly have too buy stuff witch is a waist of money and all most everything is Lock Omg

This is the game of puppies. I like this game sometimes the puppy is doing strange things but I love it ❤️ love it

I really love the game it is amazing she is the most cute little puppy I have ever seen I love playing with her and dressing her up and putting her to bed and feeding her she is so cute Marvelous

That is the most amazing game i have ever played in my lofe that dog CoCo is so cute i love her so much i hpe that you would update more like these games Well done!!

I think you should be able to play everything not just the stuff that is unlocked Fantastic

It's okay but I love it and it's actually pretty good I think other people should download this game it's really fun and you can try again next time Worth it!

Hi mate I have a look and see if it was a bit of a shock to the system and 5th and I think that is a bit of the world and a bit of a shock to the system and 5th and I think that is a bit of a shock Perfect

It great but the bad news that you have to pay for everything add i wish no paying Omg

It's pretty cool I like the graphics you've done even the pictures like the puppy and the other puppies keep on doing more free updates for me Great!

I love this game and i 8 years old now i want to be a zoology and i love animal so much.but it's boring becaus i have buy if i want to play the nother puppy and go to the batroom, take a photo,and go to the clinic Omg

They told you infotmation so you did not just have to figure it out on your own Also that the dark spots meant that you had to pay money to play them Go well

I love this game so I got 8s but the paying please can you unlock three of the other puppies because they are so cute Superb!

Very nice game of puppies but it has a problem again the problem is that many things in your game many things are locked because of which every time we have to buy it with our rupees , real rupees please remove this system or otherwise people will stop playing your game so please remove it Great job

I think it's good but..... I can't get all the stuff because I don't have a lot of money so can you please get all the stuff for me? Or I'm going to un rate this app so please get all the stuff for me in all of the coco games OK? Awesome

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it Great job

I like this game,but its just too many ads so could you plz reduce the ads,thank you Omg

I like it but just to many ads like when I press some thing a ad comes on and this game is boring. Pretty good

This game is one of the best I ever played except maybe a few more updates because you have to pay for a lot of things you want to get. Awesome

This is a fab game but I just watch adverts to open the blanket , teddy dummy and now I can't finish the level because it was closed plz let them have it for free because then people will delete the game so my advice is to let people have it for free because people don't want to pay 10 or more pounds just to play this game so let use have it for free take my advice I am on young and I don't want to pay that much money just to play this game so fix my problem I think people might of complain about that to and might agree to what I am saying please fix this Worth it!

Why don't you UNLOCK everything because most kids aren't allowed to buy things with REAL money!!!!! But I still love the game!!!!! Good

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