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It was great to play but having said that I do have some thoughts maby you can unlock a couple more activities Awesome

Omg So this is like the cutest game ever it's like the secret life of pets maybe even better I love when they dance plz more updates Cool

Nice game This is the coolest puppy game ever like the secret life of pets I luv secret life of lets not like your game is better its good Works great

To be honest I'm not a big fan of how you have to pay to have fun with the dogs so I think it's a big wast of storage so I would not recommend to buy this app take my addvise. Superb!

It is OK, I like the ability to design the room and dress up your dogs, but can you please make everything free, and maybe make a game very similar to this one, maybe make it about bunnies instead?These are ideas , but please fix, over all the game is OK. Perfect!

This is the cutest thing in the whole entire world. When they dance around there on you being happy no so this is the cutest thing in the world. Works perfectly

Awsome Its so awsome and cute Enjoy it!

Secret pet party I love it because its so cute and funny and full of fun and lots of things to do Well done!!

Love , I love it so much but I am very sad cuz I had to delete it cuz I had no more space Works great

People think that's this game is stupid oh please. People that say it's awesome thank you. Because this game is the bomb wow lol

I love this game to play it is soooooo fun and I am a 10 year old girl I will not like any game but this one is fun I have had this before but I just hate about this is it may be my Wi-Fi idk but it will stop out of the blue weird so I just found out my tablet does not sop port it Just wow

LOVE IT I love the game its soooooo fun. You have to download it. And if u like see reviews from people that say it's bad game or its boring or stupid game don't listen. Download it. No matter what they say. Do it. And like you have got to see dog they are SUPER cute!. And there are soooooo many things to do. You will love the game but if you don't I guss that's ok. 5 star

Love it love this game its awesome when I first started playing it asked me to rate and I said rate because I love the graphics and music #pawsome and I will love it even more if you make things free cause I'm 9 the only person I can ask to pay for this is my grandma so please make things free and I will like it even more Worth it!

I love it It is so fun but it would be cool if the vet was unlocked and u can put all of your puppies in your puppy house Great job

Say whaaa I think it is horrible so don't get that game but I liked it a little bit. Some games are still unlocked and you need to buy those levels. DON'T HAVE THAT GAME (but it is cute) Great job

Nice game but There are few items that are lock and we need to get by watching videos and they are of half min. Rest of the things are nice Awesome

Cute!dogs.^~^ The dogs r really cute but i don't want to buy the full version cause why would you buy in just a game well if a game like the sims freeplay you need to pay for the money why would u buy for just a game.°_° Works perfectly

The best game EVER!!! It was fun to play with the numerous different kinds of puppies and making their rooms look the way I wanted them to look Highly Recommend.

Boring The game is OK could be better like you could be able to play EVERYTHING not just a few things and it's so boring but if you think you'll like it give it a try but my opinion is that I just don't like it Superb!

Please by this game cuz you will like it as much as I do and I love it so do not hate it I can't say anything else cuz I do not no what to say cuz its so GOODS , plus I got it for FREE Great!

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