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I like it ^ ^ fun This game really can kill time so easly but. K gave u 4 stars bcus can u make ur own house i always wanted that and make like we can add friends thank you for reading this please update the game ^^ Perfect!

I hated the game first but in another day i became a monster i loved to be a monster and in the next day i was only a puppy i was to much happy when i was a monster but know I'm not happy if always we could be monster it will be nice wow lol

Love it but... There are people named "star" in puppy land and there's a pack leader and there trying to rule puppy land online please banned them untell they get manners and I'll rate five star plus they froze my game and there's four of them hopefully they won't get more people love it

On rating of the dog, I find this entertaining. Too bad it is abandoned, I would love a wolf! But...quit with the lags, bud! Other than that....... AMAZING! They have RP! Worth it!

Keeps taking me back to home screen It keeps taking me back to home screen like every time i get a add it takes me back to menu and it has to many adds but its probably just the phone i have..but please if that's not it please fix it..i was nice enough to give yall 5 stars now fix the game please. Muito bom!

Yay It's better than cat friends! And there is no dog with hearts! If there is give me proof! We're did you see her\him? Awesome

Puppy Land online! now Bird Land online! he can fly OK! please!! Please make Bird Land online! game Please!! Please! please!! oh and he can flying

I just downloaded it. I love wolf online and life if black tiger BUT I WAS SOOOO STRONG AND MY GAME COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. And there's no cloud save. Besides that, thus game is sort of babyish. The graphics are ok but the style of the dig is so.... no offence... ugly. Its an ok game I just gotta learn a little more about it.

Well its babyish But when I got on people were saying soo many f-bombs and yo are soo wroung 1games rocks oh and make a new game make bird war where you can be on mountain, grassland, or on forest side it would rock ;) oh and jayne, shut it these games work fine for me so maybe its not the game creator fault maybe its the cappy device your useing. OMG I SAW THE DARK SIDE 2 THIS-I WAS MATEING WITH A NPC DOG AND IT WAS DOING THE MOVEMENTS IF YOU SEE A DOG WITH HEARTS AROUND IT YOU CAN MATE WITH IT. Rated M for mature.

Wut happend? I can't even play because when I get an add it says that Puppy Land Online has stop working

Love it! Love it!I have a white husky with pink collar her name is Everest,I am going to holiday island a lot because it is my favorite u can turn into a car,plane,and u can climb the mountains. THE PEOPLE WHO HATE THE GAME I DON'T LIKE!!:-[

This game is Awsome!!! I love, love, love this game! Its awsome and if I could rate it more than 5 stars, I would! And I would love if there where more islands to visit! I think u get the idea, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game! Thats all I have!

I change my mind pls fix this issue and ill rate 5stars it only lags me out in the day other than this the game is great and fun I will highly recommend this but until these thing Is fixed I will also rate 5 stars but for now 4 stars ps: add a gender buttons

Love it!!!! But can you make. More places to go??? Please like a beach or playground. Or an amusmant park or perhaps a water park. You chose!! Just please come reply when the update. Comes. And please make a hamster. Land or friends i like hamsters do you?!?

It looks like Cat friends and cool!! Cool i like them !! They are cute little puppies they are all 140 puppies but pretty and cute and looks like little cute cuties? 1 games are have cool and cute games!!!And Little bit fights.MY ENIMIES ARE LUNA (WOLF IS FREINDLY BUT BRAVE)And Donkey Girl. And its sooooo bad.BUT I'LL SAY FASTER!!!

Found somthing disturbing by the chickens When I was going to the chickens and I saw somthing behind a tree two dogs, one was laying on the ground and there was no z's so it looked like it was dead, the other dog was licking its head constantly these two dogs were not players and it creeped me out. Plus please give us some stuff to do like, let us build stuff with blocks and make it less blurry when we go in the water thank you!

Nonsece Try to make people have houses and food make it fun not missions cat friends better and try make it you can fly change to car and all stuff like cat friends and I tell aall my friends it good and 5 stars

What the hell OK so get this when I was playing and I looked at my quiz it said to go behind the aid mil to that girl and I did it and it started humping me!!! WTFF bit besides that its a good game

Baby pups Hi can u change this with another character, pls make a small baby puppy for those big dogs pls and then ill rate 5 stars and also for them to have pups to

Good game Nice game but why can't we go inside buildings and stuff? We only get to ride a plane, a boat, a spaceship and a car. Also I have a problem. Other players can turn into monsters at night but I can't! It's so not fair! Please fix this!

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