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Well I would give the app a 5 star rating if there were more books to listen to, this app has a great potential so please please please upload more audio books as fast and soon as you guys can. Superb!

Good app. But very little no. of books here. Pls add some more else suggest similar but bigger app. Pretty good

I love this app. Please, please, please add more Punjabi Books and they must not be incomplete Cool

Very nice app but plz load more books, very good job, great work, plz also load the remaining part of Tootan Wala Khoo, thanks Amazing!

Loved the idea. Have listen to two stories till now but they are not complete. Need links for full stories otherwise what is point of listening them if can't reach to the end. Recommend

i like this app very much but it will be great if you can add some more books. i never read a book apart from my education curriculum and this is the first time i went through an audio book and it is great! thanks by the way and keep it up. Waheguru G Ka Khalsa Waheguru G Ki Fateh! Fantastic

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