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It is a great game, but some minor things only. Money and Experience, is DAMN hard to gain. I suggest by adding a "Daily Attendance Gift" and the prizes getting better by the day. I hope you guys can hear me out, because this is TRUE. Sincerely from ME and MY BOYS. Cool

I got so caught up in the game I punched my phone! Now my phone won't talk to me anymore, and I'm like come on baby it was an accident. All my phones friends keep telling it to dump me. Idk how to fix this. 5 star

I think it's a great game when it will open to play it. When I open the app it gets to the start and freezes 1 outta every10 times it may work. I want to keep this app but how can I when I can't play it. I close all of the apps on my phone and still nothing its running much better now Omg

It was working great at first but now freezes at the title screen every time I load it up. And there's no way you can play this unless you're on Wi-Fi so good luck with that. I loved this game at first, don't know what happened. Enjoy it!

I really love this game and I know it's one of the best boxing games there is in the play store. But one thing I hate is how it crashes as soon as I open it and I have to keep turning the app off then turning it on multiple times for it to go through. And pls, fix the major lag the game has. Still have mad love for the game tho Awesome

Great game, easy to pickup and play. The only thing that's holding off the extra 2 stars is that most of the time the game will get stuck on the title screen and I'll have to restart numerous times to actually get it running. Plays great otherwise. Great job

Super Fun While it doesn't have the best graphic, the gameplay is super fun! It takes practices to defeat opponents with more stats than you, but once you master it you'll get addicted to the game. The control is somewhat simple yet engaging. Only one thing is missing: feature to duel with your friends via Bluetooth! Enjoy it!

Only one problem. This game is very fun but I got a different phone and I can't transfer my data. Recommend

Actually a great game. Overall it gives me a good quick game or 2 an balanced as far the purchases in the shop. The one thing I would like is for it to be a multiple player mode​ or 2 ☺ Muito bom!

Great! Great! But... Need some Google account so. It can save your progress. Like clash of clans. Sorry for bad English ^_^ Flawless

Just need more customizations and skills. Yup,This game is damn good. At first,it was very hard. Then, after playing over and over, it get very easy. Congrats Cocosoft And GAMEVIL, You did an amazing job. Perfect

It's really enjoyable Love playing this great game, has few down sides like freezing at the start and during games. Has few up sides also, example: great challenges in arcade and tournament mode, has awesome equipment and accessories Recommend

Very addictive My only complaint is that there's practically nothing else left after the tournament finishes. Minor glitches when you and opponents get knocked down. Aside from that, the game is almost flawless. Surprisingly

It hardly starts When I got this game it was so fun and now it seems like it starts and then frozen on my character. Does this happen to anyone except me? Fabulous!

ONE PUNCH MAN I would like it more and give it 5stars if the rewards would be more higher than the usual and i suggest that the very last opponent to have is so strong that it would took my character to lost in just one punch. Anyway great game Omg

Great time killer I love the game action and everything. But there is one problem, it's hard to load the game up. Have to keep exiting out to try again. Fix this please. Perfect!

Great game Warning this game is highly addictive. This game might make you rage sometimes but that's what makes it fun. The graphics are pretty good, the concept is cool, and the gameplay is pretty fun so stop reading my review and download this awesome game Amazing!

I love this game I have been playing this game for about a month and a half and still have not gone back! The game is fantastic I have not spent a single dollar on the game and I just beat pro diamond league. If you love a game where you can grind till your eyes bleed this game is for you :-D Superb!

Vgg This game isn't easy, but as you play along and open more options you realize you don't need in game purchase to advance. You can play in the league to earn money, train your abilities and buy skills. When you win you can bask in your hard won glory. Perfect

It's an amazing game i like it very much but one more thing u can add in this game is the multiplayer mode which will make it more exciting and lovable game in boxing games, available on Google play. Mark my words make it compatible for multiplayer...,, Brilliant

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