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Super slow and laggy. Dislike the interface, you could deffinitely improve the design and make the app more eye - soothing in general. Brilliant

Great app in theory. It does crash fairly often and won't load a lot of pages for me including recent posts and posts on some people's profiles. Fantastic

This app is amazing! It's working me out from the comfort of my own home, and it's actually working me out! Love it. Pretty good

This app is a great way to see what other are doing for keeping in shape. If the app would stop crashing I would give it a 5 Amazing!

It's a great app it just crashes A LOT and feed doesn't update very well. I never see comments. Fabulous!

Now i am happy with this app.... It is helpful and interesting. Thanks very much❤ Must have

Ive downloaded and uninstalled several times, still keeps freezing everytime i go to my profile to set it up/change it. Really disappointed cuz lots of friends highly recommended it and i really wanted to check it out and try it Brilliant

It's an amazing app, i've only had it for about a day, the only issue is that it keeps shutting down once in awhile. But if i works, i'll be back in amonth and let ya know Cool

The interface isn't the greatest, it runs slow and delayed on my phone. I am unable to make the changes I want to make to my fitness plans and workouts. I like the idea of it but wish it was better taken care of. Cool

Trying to open my old workouts (2yrs old) and the app closes each time but I can make and open new ones, this app used to be great but not so much now Good

It's a great app but my messages are coming up blank, trying to join up with a personal trainer but having trouble seeing the questions asked because it's blank Amazing!

Barely used this app at all but I really like all the positivity from everyone and having a place to log my progress! Great!

Love this app. It's a little glitchy on my s7 but still an amazing app Edit: it's worse now, I can't even edit workouts at all now :( so sad, I was really looking forward to getting back into it Pretty good

I've been using this app for a few years, in 2016 I rated this app 5 stars, today I have had to edit that. The reason behind me dropping to 3 stars was because every time I'm using the app it glitches and then the app switches off. This problem never happened in the past but it happens every day I use it now and it's becoming annoying. Pretty good

I gave this rating 4 starts because the application always crashes(Sometimes freezes) when I use it. Especially when I want to go back into my history to redo some old work outs. As well as not having an option to Increase your endurance/stamina. I feel as if that was every helpful for people to get an increased number of reps. Thus they would work out more. Recap: If the crashing/freezing could stop and the endurance/stamina option could be implemented with "building a work out" "PumpUp" would be much more efficient. Superb!

I'm totally in love with this app, I've always been, I think that it's defo the best app for workouts, but it keeps closing sometimes :( and it's frustrating bc sometimes I'm looking for a work out or even starting and it just closes. Go well

I've just started using the app but I LOVE that it has workout plans (broken down for different body parts) and personal trainers that send you plans...and it's all free! Also having a community that will give positive feedback and encouragement is the best! It's hard to find that these days! Must have

It's okay can't really get into it since it crashes everytime I try to browse recommended coaches and members, so it's not much going on this social media nor is it much motivation. I only keep it around for the workout plans they suggest or than that I wouldn't recommend this app at all. Worth a go!

I love the app but I still get annoyed that a lot of my pictures are rotated when I go to post them Cool

Its much better than most things ive used because the people on it are real people on the same journey as you so no one is bashing people for their size instead they sopport and incorage those on their journey to keep going Brilliant

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