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Great game! But too many ads. Also lost a lot of coins in the winter wonderland because the purchased items disappeared and went back from the beginning. Hope this will be fixed soon. Superb!

It's a good game. But please put an option to change your pugs name. And more games. Thanks! 8/10 Fantastic

I like this game because it has too many mini games.But many beautiful outfits are locked Good

Awesome game Come and play this game and watch your dog grow you can name your dog it can be a boy or a girl it takes about 10 seconds for him to sleep just saying dont leave the game if you want him/her to sleep you have tonwatch him/her sleep sometimes there will be a gift waiting for you AWESOME GAME AND VERY CUTE!!! love it

I recommend more choices with clothes and things to but it's cool❤ I know have 70 000 coins,i love how of you play hard u get coins easily Highly Recommend.

It's a amazing game but the one thing I have isuess with is the different shirts I can't decide Just wow

Soo adorable and so much games in one game. 5 star

I miss my pug that passed away and the game helps me deal with it. Thank u and r.i.p. joker♡ Great!

The best game ever that I have seen because it has many games and in other games like carrying gakmes they used to make that the sleep very much but in case it slips in 2 minute and there are too many games it also not have ads and I liked it very much what are the gift that we get daily that comes in the bathroom Works perfectly

Cute, but too many long, boring ads over and over. I just close out the game and reopen. I don't mind watching ads to earn rewards, but when they pop-up, it's annoying. I hope this game has more than three rooms and more stuff to do. Enjoy it!

Great game! The pug is so cute! The only thing that would be cool to add js a little gaming room with a little controller that your pug can play. After that this game is worth 5 stars! :D Brilliant

This is a very very good game it is like having your very own pet that you have to take care of so I rate this game overall 5 stars Pretty good

It's an awesome app once I figured out that my pug could grow I was like "This game keeps getting better and better!" I check on my pug (Lillie) every morning it's so great! Well done!!

I LOVED IT my fav dog is Pugs and I love how ya guy did this everytime I wake up or come home I check on my Pug (game pug) Luna (that her name) Great!

I have a pug and she is in Namibia so we must still get her from there I feel like she's right here with me if I play game Good

It is good I recon u should get it if u love pugs but can't buy one just play this so yeah have fun Enjoy it!

I really like this game its so cute but i think you should add something more cause its kind off getting boring. Awesome

He Is Cuties Guy I have every seen It Just begin to imagine that such an amazing up and down little Guy Make It go all away. BlueArtistRockin'J777, AprilCruz Perfect

I enjoy it. Good time waster. Tons of activities and mini games to get the dough and upgrade/make purchases. Overall it's pretty cool! :) Not bad

Too many ads and keeps getting stuck. It throws me out and closes my app, if I'm in the middle of a game, I lose all my coins. Overall it's a really enjoyable app. Just wow

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