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@Nonyank S - In response to your exceptionally retarded question "Doesn't anyone test anything before pushing stuff out?" (I'm pretty sure there was also a snot bubble in there somewhere).. Don't you helmet wearing R-Tards know how to read? The last time I checked the definition of the word "Review" is NOT "to piss and moan about something that doesn't work right. Why do devs even bother including their email addresses for support anymore, I mean what's the point? My god people are effin stupid. Fabulous!

All it really needs is some kind of desktop sync with Firefox or chrome history and bookmarks, and to keep running in the background. Fantastic

Would highly recommend getting this app. Makes browsing the web MUCH easier. Especially for sites that work on desktop, but are finicky on mobile. 5 star

Totally HATE the newest version of Puffin Browser! I HATE the monochrome layout, all my bookmarks are screwed, NONE of my passwords were saved, and I now HAVE TO DIG around to find my bookmarks!!! What in the Hades were you THINKING??????? Worth a go!

Since the last update the go to top and bottom of page arrows when scrolling have disappeared. NOT GOOD! Worth it!

Puffin is for sure the fastest browser and probably one of lightest on RAM. To be the best it needs to improve text fit on screen /wrap to be more mobile friend, such as Opera does Hint : look at Opera page width adjustment of pages Perfect

Sometimes the browser is crushing, specially when i'm trying to watch video streaming. Other thing is - pop up windows that covers the whole web pages. Sometimes the virtual keyboard is switching itself off and i need to load the page again in order to get it back. I'm using it on Lenovo Tab 3 10 inch tablet packed with 2 GB of RAM Fabulous!

First impression, the new is much faster than previous version. Always did plugins better than other browsers. Omg

Hello thanks for Software Hello thanks for Software best Would Thinks Only Puffin Brothers pro is very very good software thanks Must have

In the gamepad, there's no way to map the joystick to something else like WASD it can only be arrow keys. I would love it for you to fix this. Apart from all that it is one of the best browser on android by far! EDIT: Crashes frequently while loading pages on Android Oreo Oneplus 3 Enjoy it!

Reloads every few seconds. .has been getting worse with each update. I don't mind paying for something as long as it works and this is not working. Fix or refund. Too bad a 5 star app destroys itself to less than 1 and no answers from anyone.. Update: updates fixed many things then started freezing up again. I deleted it.. I'm now trying it again. When it works, its the best browser out there! Here's hoping it works again! Great!

Very fast browser. But getting slower and buggier over the last year. And no adblock and refusal to explain why! Use APUS browser or opera mini instead - they're faster and have good ad blocking. Often I get a server error while other browsers work fine. Then it reloads all pages, making me lose my place and deleting everything I was typing! Use Dolphin instead - it has ad blocking, runs quickly, and has a much better flash player. Cool

needs a way to download videos and an adblocker would make it worthy of 10 stars Cool

Worked great up until a few weeks ago, then the flash stopped working while watching Big Brother or much of anything on my devices. I am not the only one with this issue! I paid for this app, fix it! Brilliant

I'm nit sure if developers only think of MSC product, but being on an Android tablet .. The nee update just freezes the app. Does nothing when searching, or an exact html is entered. Highly Recommend.

Overall a great app, other than some minor upgrades required. I think this will turn out nicely and possibly even better than Google someday. Worth it!

Puffin is for sure the fastest browser and probably one of lightest on RAM. To be the best it needs to improve fit on screen /wrap to be more mobile friend such as Opera does Hint : look at Opera page width adjust of pages Fabulous!

Come on guys, fix your browser, I bought the pro version because I wanted flash content on Android but now the app is almost unusable after update! THIS IS WHAT PAYING CUSTOMERS WHO SUPORT DEVELOPMENT GET FOR OUR HARD EARNED MONEY? Brilliant

Seems to work better than the Chrome browser for flash-based content -- especially for drag and drop. Recommend

Can't get a stable connection, I am changing browsers... Been like this for months now. Perfect

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