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Few minutes earlier it started wicked fast data usage without even browsing or surfing I was just doing cloud download and it consume 145 mb of my 4g mobile data .I just buy it few minutes earlier and surf one website and started cloud download from openload website.thats all but when I see that data transmission is very high I closed all tabs and waited it to stop but it keep happening so I close my data and close my app and now again I have start my cloud download from beginning. Must have

Overall good Desktop browser but it misses must needed "AdBlocker" option to save mobile data and we can't do multitasking, display turn-off while on playing online radio/audio. wow lol

1.Some files impossible to download to device storage i dont know why at the same time these files can be downloaded to cloud but if you want to download files to device storage it gives error. Please fix it. 2.Please add download button to players and enable to download videos while watching Not bad

Does what the name suggests, wicked fast but, really there should be an Ad Blocker. Additionally I don't find much of a difference between the free version and the paid version.... Also on the main start up page, you can't remove Google, YouTube and Google Maps... Please change that. Flawless

Adblock feature should be add, youtube video download limit is 720p except 4k hd, users can't download all videos due to limitations in pro version, why? Marvelous

It's improved a lot since the last time I've used it and since it's on sell I'll buy it Worth a go!

It's by far one of the best browsers to use extremely fast i do 80% of everything i need to with this browser its the bomb Omg

Few updates but those released are good. Stable, fast and much less memory than your standard preinstalled google bloatware, this thing really soars across the competition. Recommend

Thank you for the app updates. Perfect

I love the app, I Bought this mostly cause the free version had a free trial many years ago... Perfect

The best web browser when I'm on mobile I can access all website on my computer when I'm away if I have a device like a gaming system when they say put the code in the computer I use my phone the only web browser that you can do it on love it

I found this while looking for Flash browsers. The reviews of this browser's speed are accurate. Fastest I've found. I won't go back to Chrome. Just wow

Come back puffin...remember the fun times of all the videos and games? Enough speed to make internet explorer cry? Come back I miss you Awesome

It just works. After using the free version for so long I thought it was time to give back so I got the premium version. It really works. Flawless

On my tablet it works fine but on my LG phone the front screen where it explains about this app is keeping me from using it because the blue button is at the very bottom of the screen where I can only see it and can't press it love it

Great versatile browser that runs about any in browser file type, and user friendly interface. Enjoy it!

Rerating from 3 to a 5. Update is great. Fast browser, much smoother than before, can watch videos without problems. Omg

I like it.. It is fast. Needs an export/import of settings and bookmarks feature. This would make it much easier to setup on other devices and maybe even on Win 10. The way you backup bookmarks now is terrible. Worth it!

I am surprised of slowness of app. Even paid app is not great. I think older version is good. Surprisingly

tks for adding the exit button in the most recent update! kinda miss the option to X out tabs without bringing up another window. still easier to use & faster than Opera, Chrome, or Firefox. Great job

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