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This is a surprisingly well done version of a PC game. It's just as addictive, fun and challenging and the mobile controls work pretty well. It's free too, which is amazing. There's no micro transactions and the game is based on skill, not paying to win. I'd easily pay $5-10 for it. Right now it only has the original map, but the play area is absolutely enormous so it feels fresh everytime. If you've ever wondered about PUBG, this is a great place to start. I also like this better than Fortnite as the matches are longer and feel more like a tactical military shooter. Works perfectly

They really did a fantastic job porting Pubg to mobile. I highly recommend this app if your looking for mobile battle royal. The controls get alot of hate and people like to say there is no skill involved with the mobile version. This is just not true. You can win consistently if your a skilled player. I have won 4 times in a row soloing though squads. Its tons of fun. love it

The game is great i really like the graphics for a phone game they are very good and some people dont understand this. But the xontrols could be better. I sometimes shoot when looking around and makes me jump sometimes but bar from that very great game. One question why are there boys in the game? I noticed them when i got 12 kills in my first game so i was wondering why? Worth a go!

It's PUBG enough said. It's running very well on my Note 8. Yea the controls aren't ideal, but that's only because of the limitations of phones and the like. More maps are needed badly, it I am sure there coming. Love it, and I thank them for giving us this great mobile version of their ground breaking game. Great stuff! Fabulous!

The game is great but after the update I was able to play one round. After charging my phone I went to play and couldn't even get to the login screen. It keeps saying I have an internet error. I've tried on WIFI and LTE but neither work - both Wi-Fi and LTE are working fine for other games/apps. Anyone else experiencing the same? Great job

The game has really nice graphics and the multiplayer option is enjoyable. The only suggestions that I would have for the devs is for a voice chat only server option(person can choose language) because it's hard to find people who'll communicate with you. And, an option to enable higher end graphics for modern phones. I like to do long range attacks and many times I can't because after a certain distance you can't see anyone. Pretty good

Amazing game, reminds me of socom 1 I was a competitive gamer and top 10 rank on socom. Also I stopped playing rainbow six siege on ps4 because this is so much more addictive. Hope this developer won't try and overdue this game with to many silly updates. Hopefully they will grow and put there footprint in this industry because we need games like this. Marvelous

Amazing game I love it. Hate it when u have a bad game but it happens to the best of us. Definitely recommend it if u like PUBG or third person shooter games. Easy to adjust to and to adapt. Is good for any mobile gamers that like shooter games. It is a well done job of moving it onto portable and is the best battle royale game on mobile and the graphics are phenomenal for a game like this. But it can get annoying when u go to look around and u accedentally start shooting. It draws attention and sometimes I jump. But otherwise really good game. Recommended playing it with sound on Awesome

Wish there was a way to login with Google so I can play on different devices I own. Don't have a Facebook and don't want one just for this. Also, there was no confirmation when entering a name and I didn't know mine was too long so it got cut down and there's no way to change it. Other than that, it's definitely fun and the stereo sound with headphones makes it pretty awesome when you can hear where shots/sounds are coming from. Worth it!

There a reason I can't get past the login screen anymore? It pops an info box that I'm no longer supported, when I was a few days ago. U want people to play your game pubg? I'm pretty sure nobody wants to have to buy a new phone just to do so. Surprisingly

The app has improved a lot from the launch. It is playable on very bad internet connection. Many low-end devices are supported which let's me play with my friends. The graphics are awesome on maximum an still look good at minimum. The gun mechanics are very realistic and follow certain patterns. One problem with the app is that the gun sounds sound awful after the most recent update. Overall the game is great. I have big expectations for it and I hope it gets better in the near future. Just wow

the controls are great, graphics are great, gameplay was fantastic, but the only problem is hackers. been playing with many speed hack users lately where they can run so fast until its quite difficult to aim and shoot at them. at the blink of an eye, they're alredy behind you and shoot you. hope the devs can come up with a better anti cheat system for better and fairer gameplay. Must have

Best survival game ever... Once u start playing you can not stop to get out of it... This is a best addictive game i ever played after morden combet 5 & clash of clans... I could play this game on my laptop because it was paid bt thanks to the team thay give this mobile version for free... For me this is becoming the top game of my game list... In a day more than 4-5 hours i m giving to this game ... My advice to all the people to once try this game and get chicken dinner Amazing!

Pretty damn realistic. Great game. I dont like that when your shot and knocked down that you cant bandage or retaliate in any way. You should be knocked down and drop your gun. That would require you to pick it back up or use your back up weapon. You should still be able to heal and use grenades. I dont like that a friend has to "revive" you. I think the knock down to time of death should be like 3 minutes instead of like 30 seconds. Other than that, very enjoyable. Flawless

This is a great port to mobile. It's a shame that the console version still hasn't been fixed, while the mobile version released has all of those issues solved. Overall though, great controls, smooth gameplay. Definitely a great, free, addictive mobile game. I also really like the progression system for the mobile game and wish they would add it to console. It's such a little thing but really keeps you coming back. Not bad

First...Free game! That alone is amazing. Controls surprisingly on point. Havent seen many hackers yet only people complaining about keyboards. Gameplay is amazing as well for a phone game. Reminds me of dayz with an actual reason to loot everything. Only thing if anything to change would be more weapon options but I'm sure that will come with time. Hopefully you guys consider doing a zombie survival version to rival dayz or one of the spin offs. Would be the perfect platform for the dayz genre and I would gladly pay for that. Thanks guys for the perfect gift to the mobile gamer. Well done!!

It is an awesome game. It doesnt ask for any money and thats too good. But it needs some voice chat improvisations and more vehicles and boats and some more guns around the map. Please make a practicing area where u could play solo practicing all guns their accuracies and all.well after this u all get is a 5 star Perfect!

I'm currently obsessed with this game. I just love everything about it. I even met new friends through it and also, I play with my friends with this whenever we hangout. It's just so much fun! I've tried playing Survival Royale and Rules of Survival but this is hands down the best one. ONE GAME TO RULE THEM ALL! Perfect

The game is so much laggy on my Samsung galaxy j7 prime 2017 t-mobile edition. For some times it runs kinda smooth and then it starts getting pixelized. Especially when I drive or enter a vehicle it starts to lag pretty bad. Please fix this wow lol

So good. However some issues with connectivity. I only play with full Wi-Fi or 4g LTE yet in game it shows I have 1-2 bars? Often on 4g it won't even connect? When it goes down to 1 bar it starts lagging and is almost unplayable. Really doesn't make sense and this is the only application I've experienced this issue with. 5 star

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