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I liked how you have lots of open options. The only thing I dislike about this app is that there is a lot locked and that are not avalible. I think there should have open options to customize the character even more buy other than that amazing app keep it up!!☺☺ Superb!

Amazing game I love this game and I play it all the time it's good for when your bored but they need more stuff without full version... Well done!!

Good game I think this game is excellent. I know all the other reviews talk about the black square on the face, but that only happens on certain phones. My sister's phone does that but mine doesn't so I don't know what that's about. Must have

Awesome Cute and addictive! Lots of different styles to try and they all look amazing. Some of the tools are quite hard to pick up though and there are way too many things locked! Just wow

:D Love it. Its cool because i can play it in my spare time... but it does need to be improved so it doesn't close half way through other than that i like it lol Just wow

Just above average Every single app there is the good stuff is like locked or you have to pay money to get. I love all your apps how it is HD and all but the free things are limited Good

Why locked A lot of things are locked just like people said .people also said there is a black square its true . if you want this game to keep going...FIX IT!!! thank you . oh and I'm doing this on 2015 because I known this game from 2013 and they have these problems so thank u Good

Best game ever The dresses are gorgous and almost everything is perfect but one thing that you have to fix is that whenever I try to undo everything it goes back home. Otherwise is the perfect game for any girl Must have

You guys shouldn't have items locked. It would make me want to play it more often because I could actually do something different. Unlike doing the same 3 or 5 outfits. Please unlock the stuff! I'm pretty sure everybody wants it! Go well

Good app Liked it and had a great spa but when it came to clothes and makeup. Loads of it was locked. When r u people gonna realise that no body is gonna pay just to unlock a dress. There is NO point havong these things locked cos nobody is gonna pay 4 them Flawless

Good but... This game is quite good. Unfortunately, sometimes it makes my screen go black, and I have to properly shut down my samsung galaxy. Also sometimes only certain spots go black. There is one major fault: you can only access a few dresses and one girl, who is white. What about all the dark people? They have to spend 3-4 dollars just so they can get a model their skin color. Something is wrong with that. Dresses. Why can't we use more than 5-6 dresses? We shouldn't have to pay for things like that! Cool

A fun game. I can't stop playing it A fun way to express my dream for my prom! I was kind of upset though. I played this game over and over again, and nothing unlocked. Please make the nice things unlocked! My dad will get mad if i buy anything! Right now i have only rated it at 3 stars, if you make thee other things unlocked, i will play this game a whole lot more!!! PLEASE!!! :-) Not bad

I really like this games it has this that u have and u get in really happy mode when u play the game because its like u are doing a other person makeover and when u I'm sad really I just take out my phone and play this game than my friends be like I thought u was sad I be like I'm all good! This game light it me up and they said let me try they fell in love with it and the day we did even wreck a nas each other so it great try it! • Works great

Do they even care...... The game is GR8 but ................. ads constantly pop up and redirect you to google play even if you click the X all these companies care about is money and they never care about the game and they may not care but... THEY'RE NOT GETTING 5STARS FROM ME! Surprisingly

Yes! Super fun and addicting. Love this game. But I would like more varieties of the makeup, specifically the lovely eyeshadows. There are only three different types and I need more! But overall great app! Superb!

Love it It is so fun. But the only thing I did not like and want. Was the other girls was all locked up. How am I supposed to have fun with only Ashely. Huh huh huh huh huh. Tell me! Well done!!

Love it I love this game a lot it is a great game and every time I play it there is no black spot on there face. There's not that much locked they gave us a good amount of things not locked y'all guys stop complaining they did there best on this wonderful game be grateful. I sure am grateful. wow lol

Excellent This Game Is Really Good! Didnt face Any Problems! But One thing That Should be Done Is Having 2 models atleast Unlocked! But I'm Still Going to rate it 5' Worth it!

Prom Salon You get to dress your person for the prom. You get to pick the perfect boy when your done. Also you get to pick the perfect place to have your prom. When your done with everything you get to dress your boy that you chose! There's more but you can check it on your own. Marvelous

Alright I have this game on the iPad and its very good even though I can only use one girl and very little make up. It won't let me download it on my phone! HELP! Cool

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