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I love this game coco apps are amazing u guys really understand kids. I love love love love love it Well done!!

I really love the game ah ... and they should not be any money charges I am ten so I really don't know how to pay .... other woes it's an very nice game Highly Recommend.

it is quite a good game i have only been on it for 15 minutes so not sure but so far really good !!!!!! Amazing!

This game is so beautiful and pretty. I love that game Flawless

I don't I don't know what I'm going to do I am not going to sleep this is the best game ever my controller stick come down everybody Pretty good

Been there done that got this game unstall this game for a new game but I liked it. (P.S make the prom queen get a Recommend

Awesome The game is really very interesting even I only not only not only me but my brother also like to play it this game is fun , Enjoy it!

nice game but this is not fair open all things which you all been closed Brilliant

The best and the greatest game . It is the bestest way to time pass Perfect!

It's a good game all that's wrong is you have to pay other than that it's a good game Awesome

The Dressing and Dancing is Fabulous The Hair Salon is locked but I will get it Prom Queen is the best Go well


At first all the shops were unlocked , but now some are unlocked . Disgusting. Worth it!

Great time killer for me when I'm bored and my tablet is with my cousin but it's awesome period lol . Not bad

I think this game is so good it's perfect for anyone I love this game but I don't know about the controls. wow lol

I think that you should unlock more things to do because I am getting bored of the same things Amazing!

This game is amazing because u can see how prom would be when u grow up well kinda I think Just wow

This is cutest game that I have played, but it is not best game for girls Not bad

When I am playing this game than it is stopped TELL me why it's stopped Omg

The game is ok but very less items are unlocked i can't give my doll different dressup so many levels are unlocked Well done!!

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