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It has really helped my tablet run faster. It is amazing, it has cleaned out almost all of the junk. Fantastic

Very easy to use. I love the new app where you can lock certain applications on your phone!!! Great For Keeping Those Sticky Unwanted Fingers Out Of!!! ;-) All around THE Best Application For Cleaning Up Everything In One Convenient Spot. Pretty good

This is an awesome app! I can lock apps with passwords and clean junk and save memory! I recommend this app! It works great! Pretty good

Love it tells me when there is junk files and will clean it makes my phone alot faster awesome app for sure Omg

I had a virus and it got rid of it with no problem. Great cleaning app!! But it's waaay too many ads and they pop up all the time and you can't close them u have to wait for it to end. For that reason I'm deleting it from my phone. Muito bom!

It said on my phone that I had to download this because there had been a hacking a couple days earlier. I was told if I didn't do it my phone would shut down. I was a little skeptical at first, but I did my reasearch, and gave it a go. And wow, not only was my phone safe and not shut down, it was protected and quick!! No more lag, and a great cleaner. Whether you have to buy this so your phone doesn't shut down, or you just need a good cleaner, here's your #1 choice!!! Pretty good

It's very good. I had 15 viruses found on my phone and the app got rid of them all its so good you should rate the app five Fabulous!

Downloaded fast, clicked 2 buttons, and it said it cleaned a good amount of junk space for me. I love this app already! Perfect

It helps us get more storage that feeling makes me feel good thank you for your help 5 star

Oh I just love how it repeatedly ask me these questions over and over every time I downloaded something or open a new page on the internet Amazing!

I'm sure it's a fine app. The problem is that it disguises itself as a virus on my phone. I have Norton antivirus installed and this app is read as intrusive. Awesome

The app is good and it's very useful for me I just didn't want a virus on my new phone so they recommended this app.awsome app tho Superb!

For a couple of years I have been using 360 Security, which I liked just fine. I even liked the Lite version. But now that I tried this app, I will probably always use this one because it cleaned junk files that 360 had skipped over and Pro cleaned my phone of other things that 360 had also skipped over. I had also played around with other antivirus, booster Comet Cleaners besides 360, but I like to 360 more than those. So now I know I like Pro better than all of them. Well done!!

So many ads! I'll be in a different app and ads pops up, which I've never had before I downloaded this app. Uninstalling. Worth a go!

Bought a phone off a friend and it had viruses from "adult sites" well a feww hundred pop up notifications later i installed pro clean and voila! Surprisingly

Works ok but now I get ads all the time. My phone will be on the home screen and this thing will pull up an ad Highly Recommend.

It's really so amazing that it really does the good job it really killing all of my virus in my phone keep up the good work guys Enjoy it!

Been awhile since I installed it now. Rated 3 earlier because it wanted a rating, now used it a couple times and it's great.5 5 star

I like that fact, it doesn't pop on my notification. It be so annoying the other apps that pop on my screen a lot. Just wow

At first I thought this app was fake but my cousin has the same app and it helped out a lot but this is a good app and I love it Worth it!

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