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Eww! Who would like to clean up the bathroom. ..I don't understand why some people who are the only ignorant one's to do that.

So anoyong! The games are tricky to complete and then it is so anoying because the box that i pick is always the wrong one ive had this game for almost a week and i am still stuck on the second level because i always pick the wrong box!!!if it was easier to get the key then i will give you 5 stars!

It is the lamest game ever The is the most boating game I ever heard of I don't even know why they have it down to a rating if I was you I would not get it or install it if you do I fell bad because these people are lame ..

Princess wash bathroom I think it looks pretty cool because it can maybe be really fun and you can enjoy it anytime you want to I just really think it is pretty cool

Love it I love this because it is a really good game if your a girl u can practice on it

Apps Its a really good game to buy even if you can say buy because its FREE!!!! the only bad thing about it is that there's always apps that come up so you hardly ever get to play the good game!

excellent this game is so excellent because if your parents say go clean the bathroom if you don't now how to do it you can learn by this game.

I DO NOT GET IT!! Whenever I'm done cleaning the toilet and wanna move on, ALL IT DOES IT MAKE ME DO IT AGAIN!!!! WHY!!!!!????????????

Liked it Its a lot of fun but , I don't like doing the mini games because sometimes I can never find the key

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