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princess salon this is a very well game it does what I intend on doing and it has many things if u watch a add I will unlock things you would want that is why I like this game Must have

Princess salon I like it because you can pretend that you are a makeup salon person and you can do what you want to it with make up and then she goes out in the ball room and you do all this fun stuff so yeah I really like it Fabulous!

Exelent The first game I ever seen only one thing din't like that all the cracters are not open otherwise it is a fabulas game 5 star

Ok Cool but when removing the make up u have to redo the hole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annoying! :-\ and every time I go in it says 'get free' and you have to watch a million videos just to actually play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Works great

Great game So realistic but u can only get one girl at the bottom and her hair is locked even though she has it on her head?! Cool

Annynoor Its great until u get to the final part where you see the whole person and u can't see the face jst a blank black square

Please fix It was fun at first but once I got to the end it had a big black square over her face. Please fix this. Good

Pancakes I got all the lock stuff for free I just had to send a page and did not have to pay. wow lol

It improved! Last time I had this game it was kind of boring but now its so much fun when I saw all the free stuff I gasped Muito bom!

Good Good but my phone glitches at the end and I can't see get face at all its just a black square. Great job

Okayish The game its self is okay doesn't have the fun factor in it ...but u should try it Perfect

It is awsome It is awsome I love this game and my mom and dad will let me play it oh and I am 11years old!!!!!!! love it

Michelle brookes I am really pleased with the game and the other day i only donloaded it it is so sick i had got it for my sister and i play on it asswell Great!

Dress up It should show the feet part as the girl is getting dressed, other than that it's an okay app love it

Nope.... dont bother installing Its great until u get to the final part where u see the whole person and u cant see her face jst a blank black square Flawless

Not so bad It needs to be much better or else it is all ok .All the barbies should be unlock.evenly all things should be unlock. They should go to a mall and coffee shops where they can earn money and so on. Why there is a mess plese fix it .

Awfull I hate this game because avery thing is not unlocked even the four princesses are not unloked they only unloked the most horrible princess the one with short,brown hair and ugly face. Don,t install this horribls game Fantastic

Try if you want It is a cool game until the last part and the body is there and the face is covered with a black, blank box, the people who made the game should fix it if they want more people to play it Just wow

Alina Khan This game is really good I'm actually 7 years old and i like the sparkly lipstick. By Alina Fantastic

Awsome but Yeah you really need to try this this you can unlock all princesses but the dress are not free i wish free for the dressalso to makeup set has also a lock but the others are free so as lipstick and more Highly Recommend.

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