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Love iiiit I played this when I was 5 and now I'm 8 and I still play it.awesome better than any game in the world.The people who say this game is bad.please say that this game is cool to you cause your just hurting my feelings. Awesome

It's good but... Adds pop up every secend and u have to by all the good stuff or wach a vidio to get things. Apart from all that it is very fun game. (In emojis it would be this Not bad

Well... The game is good but why is so many mbs ? I mean its not worth that many probably like 30 but its still a good game. Libi all of ur games are good.

It's alright But... Could you unlock all the stuff so that I will invite my friends to play this game and next time I'll put 5 stars and I'll also tell them to put 5 stars remember

Very sweet It is lovely game for girls..feel like a princess..but how to unlock other things of this...i m very disapponted

Love it!!!!! I love this game so much who wouldn't like it rhe sparkling dresses the lip stick everything I would give up my right hand to download a nother one of a solan game it is just so fun love Derricks sister

Wonderful game I love this game but there are not much dresses, cosmetics, jewellery etc supply of products should be much so that the player in enjoys the game more and more. Thank you for apploding this game.

Come on I will give 5 ⭐ if you make it so you only have to watch the ad once and also make it unlock every thing thanks r ember the stars

Salon It is the best game I ever got also Jonny Martin you need to learn how to spell cause you wrote everything wrong and never call your parents stupid at least your parents know how to spell and you do not so Jonny Martin shut up you big ugly doofis and next time ask your parents how to spell so right now go to your Mom and start crying cause I do not care what you look like

OMG!! This is such a cool game......:-). I mean like who wouldn't like this game :-P. lyssa,that is NO help. >:( >:(. lyssa I can't understand it. Who cares if the make-up gets earased. :-\ <3

Fabulous princesses! I love this game! My favorite part is when you get free for everything you want! Wow this game is so fun! There is also 4 princesses you can pick! But for some of you kids don't have get frees when you play some libii games. But some of you do have get frees and some of you don't. I know the feeling. Some of you kids might be a little jealous of me. Or maybe a lot more jealous than me. But if you have get frees you are lucky. It's fun to have get frees. There are other games that have get frees. Enjoy it!!!

Princess saloon It is very interesting game but it has some things that has not opened i was bought it from extra money

Princess Salon I love this app but... When you erase some make-up like lipstick it erases all make-up

Awesome I made a blondie really preety with everything blue my mom loved it my sisters thought that it was nasty when I popped the pinpoles I guest but the games was really fun. I hope that lots of other fun kids would like to play this game. FYI kids this game is amazing

Great Its amazing, it has every thing u want it to have. One thing that I hate about the app is the there is no remover of the makeup if u want remove anything. But over all its good

Like it but ...... Too much adds it is realy nice game if ur siblings like barbies then they will like it

Princess salon I love this game,but a lot of things are locked and I have to watch an add to get my favorite things and it messes up my TV also most of the things are locked and I hate it and some people say there's a black square on her face but I see fine and I hate that you only have the ugly girl then I have to watch adds to get the other girls after I play once then their locked again my tablet might be messed up but if its the game fix it

Fun I really like this game but the only problem is that they don't have cool eye liner :-( Perfect!

Brilliant Great game I agree with the first comment saying it unlocks things when you want it 2 amd is an extremely epic game however... when it does let you unlock it you have to unlock all the things and watch so many ads and it gets anoying yet I am stil amazed and my sister had deleted it earlier I am now getting it again... (better not see you playin it sister, seeing as you were the one that deleted it, or eles...) Enjoy it!

Princess salon First when i downloaded it i really couldn't stop playing but after some days i felt boring because U can only play with the girl who is at the bottom and her hair is locked even when she already has it on her head. I think that u should unlock everything specially that dresses if u did that i would be really happy and also i would gave u full five stars.

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