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GREAT I like it when you get to dress them up and when you get to put make up on them too Marvelous

Good game This game has to many ads but it still makes the time past fast its a good game. Works perfectly

It's fine It's ok. You can make different varieties of outfits, but most of the fun stuff is locked, or you have to watch a video for it each time you want to use it. Omg

Cool It is really nice game but it repeat every time , please download it is fabulous Fantastic

Good and bad My daughter likes to play with it but says it can get boring. Once you get something for free it does not save you keep having to watch videos she told me. Also it said it saved the pictures in our photo file but it didn't she got a little angry but I do recommend this if your child likes to dress up things and make them how you want. She said it was fun and a good time killer if you are bored. Superb!

Really good It's really good, and fun. The only thing is when it says purchase the full version, I think it costs money but I'm not sure so I can't get the full version.but other than that I think anyone should get it Fabulous!

It's okay Well i went to another part and i forgot one thing so i went back and all my work was deleted. I will rate 5 stars if fixed Worth it!

Pretty Game It is so pretty but many dresses,assesories, jeweleries,princess etc were not given that thing made me very angry. But i like it the game. Friends Please install it i hope you will like it. But the thing that makes me angry i think it will makes you angry too. Great job

It is nice and pretty game but When we erase a makeup like lipstick , gloss all the makeup would be removed ... U need to fixed this one it's only the problem ... Why aren't all the princess unlocked ? love it

ALRIGHT I was ment to just get this game for my little friend but when she left I started to play and really liked it coz the dresses r really pretty also like how u can unlock stuff with ads but still is A BIT babyish but also fun Perfect!

Princess Salon The only problem is that you only have one princess unlock. But apart from locking everything, it's fine. I love this game sometimes it gives free hair and stuff for a day. Well done!!

Jeffrey Hernandez Okay you don't know if the game sucks you haven't played it. Delete some old games u don't play that often that should make space. The game was amazingly amazing! Awesome

Love it Best game ever I really love it lol I never found a game like that so much fun that why I give it 5 stars Love it but it sometimes freezes. But its soooooooooo coooooollllllll Fantastic

Problem not with the game Ok so this jhonny martin dude learn how to spell in grammer then you can get mad ok i love that app, JHONNY DONT PLAY GIRL GAMES Just wow

Great game It's a great game to play when you are bored and you don't have anything to do. It's a great game the only thing is that the ads are a little terve on the nerve so that's the only thing Go well

Love it The people who says it boring it's not it just not your type of game and if it isn't never should have downloaded it because it the best game ever Brilliant

Libii Omg, very great game I play it almost every day it is awesome I love the names jenny, tia, elena and amelie my faves is elena w ow make more libii dress up games loves this game Fantastic

Bes game ever This game is awesome I love it Enjoy it!

My lil cousin said give it a five so I did if you like Barbie dolls you like this game Not bad

OMG! So nice I love all the dresses and crowns their so pretty but one thing I don't like is the hair Works great

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