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Its okay but.... I like it but you can't download all the princesses... If you want it you'll have to pay real cash for it. Please make it free then everyone will give 5 stars to this game Perfect

LOVE IT!!!!! I love how there is a variety of awesome things and it'd not something I get bored I like that there is a whole bunch of adds, I really like it tho..... it's fun, colorful, and I like the music lol love it

This game is so fun I absolutely love this game it is magnificent even my three year old cousin loves it. I can't stop playing on this game it's amazing. Not bad

......... Actually I think the best game should not be like this. You should open all the girls and some nice hairstyles and dresses etc. Ok than best wishes for libli...... Must have

Awesome I love it it is so awesome I can't stop playing we all love it I don't even get off the phone anymore Cool

I love this app because ypu can play when ever you want on it and because you could get it for free but the updates are the best part Worth a go!

Great game My 3 year old granddaughter loves it. Muito bom!

Love it My litter sis love it,it each and fun. Brilliant

Good Game as Far as it Goes Great graphics. Detailed dress up , but it is more of an ad than a game , and there are too few dress options, and you must pay to get more. Perfect!

Good game but.. I got this girl for free by watching an add( I have a picture )but then when I got back on it said that I needed to bye the girl for money like $2.00 but besides that I like it. P.S. pleases put this were every one can see it wow lol

It is ok because THERE IS LIKE 1 TRILLON ADS. AFTER ANOTHER I liked it to but you have to buy stuff why would you want to put it on a kids talblet or phone that is just crazy and once I wacth a video there where like two more ads that is just outragoius Go well

Liked the app ...BUT So many ads,every thing is locked expet 2 or 3...... I WANT THIS APP TO BE IMPROVED Not bad

This game has its faults, but it is better than all the other makeup games I've ever downloaded. Awesome

I felt like a real princess Beautiful and realistic dresses only made better with the make up session. Vinciane. 6 year old. Pretty good

Awesome It is so fun the treatments you get to do the make up is so pretty and they have beautiful dresses and accessories Muito bom!

It's good the only problem is that I would like to be able to get the full version free Must have

Magnificent perfection It's awesome but the pink lipsticks are exactly the same even the sparkly ones same colors boring Flawless

Bartlett Make it more fun and interesting and have more things to do and with no ads but everything free Recommend

Loved it It so interesting game. I always play it. Am so happy that i download does game. It's mwaah Highly Recommend.

Loved it! It is so easy to use and figure out! I love it, way better than some other makeover games I have played! Perfect!

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