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Dear libii All of your games are so fun i play this all day Your the best game creator ever! Must have

Double thumbs up ! I liked it so much. I'm playing only this game now a days. But I don't like that some things are locked.Other wise l like this game a lot. Superb!

Loved it but...... I don't know about it but my daughter is selfish for this game. She asks for my mobile ad soon as I come from office.She love playing this game but whenever she plays she is crying for all the dresses, hairstyle, makeup, crowns etc. A kind request for my daughter to Libbi games for making make more better games. Thanks a lot...... Works great

Awesome This game is so awesome I want to play it 24/7 but I have school. Keep up the good work Libby game!! Recommend

Very fun but... I downloaded this game for my 6 year old daughter, she absolutely loved it. She said it was very fun but there are way too many ads on it. I've never played any game with as many ads as this kids game has. Get rid of some of the ads and I will give it 5 stars. Surprisingly

Libii I really love your games.But like Nadia Alhamali(respect)said,all the amazing things are locked and we cannnot play with them without paying money.I don't want to pay for things that may be free easily without money and I am sure that some others don't want to. Fantastic

It's a good game It has so many styles I love the spa part and makeup.But the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because a lot of stuff that is locked but if they make the change I will give it 5 stars. love it

AMAZINGLY AWESOME Love this app. you can choose a bunch of different things that are really REALLY cool.i totally recommend you to get this game.for those of you that didn't like it,it's your amazing and I dare you to get this app you are going to have a great time. Perfect!

Gil's games It is so fun but not so nice I think so. But I love this game so who will install this game you will be happy to play. Must have

Dear libii I love all your games and this game is sooooo much fun but there is one problem in every game you have and the problem is that the locked objects are amazing so why can't we unlock it without paying money? But I really like it Omg

Luv it Just its so cute game and...Its a game that u can learn to make up urself...Its so cute..I play it every single day Muito bom!

Love it You have to keep watching videos to open things for free, but either way the games great. Enjoy it!

It is still doing the same thing when I watch the video it opens all the things but when I come out and go back then I have to watch the video again pls if it would not do that I would give it 5 stars Perfect!

Really good game !!! Its a really good game especially when you get to get free stuff by watching adds but when I watch a video sometimes I need to watch it again because it doesnt come free. Awesome

Really cool Ma kids loves these games, all thanks to google play store.....keep updating me, willing to download more Muito bom!

Fantastic game... I really loved it thanks for making sich a beautiful game.....woulg like to siggest this game to others too Enjoy it!

Amazing It's so cool to play me and my family play it every day and we can do it on the weekends Superb!

Love it I really love this app you can pick all kinds of dresses I play it over and over again Amazing!

Ok features Some of the stuff is ok it's not the greatest game in the world but it is pretty darn good. Good

Good game, but There are way too many adds, every time I click on something, there is an add afterward Recommend

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