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I don't like it because we can't unlock the princess and their things. If you have any way to unlock these then please tell Perfect

I think that this is a great game that lots of girls should have. Evan my three year old boy likes this game it is really fun and I play it every day. Now the Linda's high school crush might be innapropiate for young users because there kissing. By the way its appropriate for me. - Kathy Marvelous

This is awesome and the only bad thing is that ads pop up quite a lot but other than that I think its awesome so that is why I give it 5 stars, Fabulous job Worth a go!

So nice game I love it Much, I like it to and one thing I want to tell you, you have to unlock all the princesses don't think like I don't like this game I love it I like it so... So..... Much means more then more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more then much. Bye bye see you bye.☺☺☺☺☺☺☘✨✨✨ Superb!

The game is okay but I don't like all of the adds. I can't get through five seconds without one popping up. Just wow

This game is very nice I like this game because you know many many girls will be there it is unlocked but still its good only the thing is that something lock Marvelous

Good one but the complexion is down and let me know how to unlock the other princesses ...... And cinthya u r so cute . m 14 years and still m adictid to this game since 5 months and i am in flavour of nadia and libbi........ The problem is seriously annoying ..... Perfect

It is an absolutely amazing game for my friend that is 5 she is addicted any time I see her she asks me to play on it x lol plz make more games like this llibi Good

It was so much fun for me and my sister and we are going to play in all day long but if all the stuff unlock it would be nice to do that but all of the above it was fun for me and my sister thank you Recommend

I think it is a great game , but the only thing is we have to pay for some of the best things, otherwise it is v.v.v.v.v good. THANK YOU Not bad

This game is very stylish and has fashionable make-up and dresses.The spa part is very modern, too!I give it a rate of 5 ✨.(I wish I could rate it 10✨ Cool

Liked it This game is very interseting. Please instal this. But libii game all items are locked its open by money . You should do these all items are will open then we watch video . Thanku Awesome

Way to many adds but fun I do not like the adds but I like dressing up the girl and stuff. The person I usually pick the person that has my name. Fabulous!

This game is awesome I downloaded it for my 5 year old little sis and she loved it and BTW it had no adds at all MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT!!!! 5 star

I bought this game for my 3 year old daughter and she loves it but why so many ads? The ads make the game not worth the headache at all. I then purchased the full game because it said that it is ad free but that us definitely not the case at all. This definitely needs to be addressed. Works perfectly

It's awsome but... things are locked but you can unlock some by watching videos and you don't need to watch them every time also it's better then the 2 version since you can watch videos to unlock each character please try it I love it! Amazing!

I love this game so much! I had this app before my sister broke my Nexus 7 and this app brings back so many memory's!<3 Recommend

Gets really boring This game gets boring after like 3 minutes. Too many commercials and ass too. Do not a fan Great job

Loved it I love it because not every thing is locked but you can get it for free you don't have to pay money wow lol

Very good game!!! I love all Libbi salon games. And I love this one!! Except I don't like how there is only one girl to use. How about in other games there should be more girls to use. But other then that I love this game!! Well done!!

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