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I think it is good but only we have to do makeup of one girls rest of all are lock and some madeup things are lock but I l liked it Flawless

I loved it! This game I would recommend to everyone since it takes your mind of bad and emotional things. Works great

This game is so fun I love it so much.One day I wanted to get a different game and I did not have the right amount of room to get it so I deleted this game but a couple days ago I was looking for fun salon games like this one and I got this game again . Fabulous!

The game is nice because you get to actually do all of their things and then change their clothes is but it's hard to pay it just pays for for the dresses Highly Recommend.

OMG!!! She's not a princess she ready to merry some one!!! That's so beautiful!!! She's going to have a husband! And kids so cute what a family"!!!! You can't be mean to your kid you have to love kids and babys your kids will always love you! :') I'm gonna cry when i smile! Not bad

It is false advertising. This game contains mature content such as feet, faces, and nudes. Ptherwise a decent game. Good for gilz over the age of 21 because it contains hair love it

Oh my gosh. It was like awsome. Although they could've added a few touch to it. Also add more dresses to dress the (fake) stylists. It can get lame but that is when I just mitch match the character and get all wild with the designs. Perfect

Its pretty good, except the one thing is that you have to play ads or pay money to get extra things just on this type of game! Its kind of unfair if you're a kid and you can't pay for it. But the rest is good. Great!

I love the game I think the game is so so so so so cool i think you should get it i know you can not unlock something but it still fun you can drees her how ever you want like if you were her you also can rate it take picture so first you wash her hair then you clean her face next put her mackup last pick dreeses and more thing like something for your hair then you go to the party Pretty good

I like howew we can do the designs and we have choises not like some other games they are doing e ery thing for you . And stop putting locked items jest onlock them all fo goodness sake Pretty good

I love the game it me when i grow up i want to be like them i dress them up beatiful Highly Recommend.

I think this game is really fun and great and I just don't like the way y'all lock all the good stuff and the best stuff. Not bad

When play this game I don't listen to anyone and when my sister starts playing she doesn't leave the phone Play this game it very nice Awesome

This is my kind of game cause i am a girl and you know girls love girly things Cool

so much fun! This game is for girls who love makeup!! I have lots of fun playing this game, but there are too many adds. Good

What I think of this game is awesome for little kids as as being the almost "preteen" love this game you should consider downloading it Worth a go!

unlock more. All of the good stuff is locked and you should be able to change where she is at, plus you should be able to put a boy there too. I know lots of dress up games and they are also way better with that feature. So please change some stuff. Superb!

BEST SALON EVA This app is so cool. It has so many lip sticks and dresses that are to die for. You need this app on your phone. But something's need in app purchase Good

This game only has 4 people you can dress up with but learn new fashion techniques. But I still gave it 5 stars Recommend

A good game but i know you could've made the graphics better. Just change the graphics and i will give you a five star rating. Thankyou! Superb!

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