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There are ads that get quite aggravating but she loves playing it so we'll live with it. Fun for her so fine with me Perfect

Well I think its OK its like what all girls like to do but there's one thing about it every girl needs a video to put make up on it But its still OK I like it Not bad

It is more good than the second part. But some are not unlocking,get free is written under it but if I press it the clothes choose bar removes...... Good

I love fashion and I loved this game because fashion and my sister ugh she kept trying to grab my phone but I said "NO I'm playing princess salon SO GO AWAY SHEW" and I hissed at her Superb!

I would have gave it all five stars if it dident have so many ads and you only get one without wachting a video so please do not donloud please Worth a go!

I think this game is the cutest it doesn't have any apps interrupting you in the middle of your game it is just so fun to play i like this game a lot I can play it all day and every day. Worth it!

It is interesting and easy to play. But everything is locked and there are too many ads.So it is a little boring.Otherwise it is a very attractive game ! Well done!!

I am very excited, intrested but I just want to unlock all the jewelry set makeup things that I want to wear to the Princess if just that will be unlocked I can do a beautiful Princess Fabulous!

Hi,this games ok some of the tings i rated one star because i installed i played it for two days then i came back today and i got onto the app abd every tine i tried to play on it just said "Are you sure you want to quit" and after i hitted no it automatically just said it again i un stalled closed my whole tablet dow and it still didn't work so fix this and let mecplay on this app!!!!! Surprisingly

I really really love this game I installed three more games online my phone but I am not playing those games because this game is very good but in this game I was going to watch a vedio to unlock one dress but it all locked that's the problem for me those dress were very beautiful Highly Recommend.

It is not bad but u need to do something at the end like a cat walk and I can talk all my friends agree to that will make the game amazing Fantastic

This is awesome I love it the dresses the shoes the necklaces and the purses are really pretty and so is their hair I love it thank you for downloading this game it is perfect and I didn't like it when all the girls were locked besides one how do you even unlock it Muito bom!

Only 1 problem I HAVE is please don't lock the clothes jewelry and makeup If u will unlock it I will give u 5 stars. Please t this matter seriously. BUT THEN ALSO IT IS A FABULOUS GAME. Fabulous!

It's good for my little sister cause its very fun for her p.s she's only 6 she was playing it since she was 3. So it a good app for your little siblings 5 star

Stupid game. You should unlock the items instead of asking us to purchase them. It's boring 5 star

This game is interesting but I just don't like the locked jewelries and makeups and clothing. If only they will be unlocked by the is classic. People who love makeups like me should try this fun app. I burnt my food while playing it ,it is addictive love it

I think it is awesome I just love princesses always turn out beautiful, though I wish more things were unlocked but totally down Load it!!!!! Not bad

The game is fun but the problems is three are some items that are locked but I don't know how to unlock it. But apart from that the game is soooooooooo fun. Flawless

Nice game and graphics are also very nice but there is a shortage of dresses if you can overcome the shortage I will definitely give you 5 stars and it have boring nowadays animate it by adding some new graphics Good

I m a 12 year old girl n this game is fun but has to many ads.....if that could be reoved than i would give it 5 stars Works great

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