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Awwwwwwww !This is a nice game my daughter like this game very much. But this game game has problem many charectors are unlocked Pretty good

It was good but if we click near get free object 2 times again it is starting from the first Fantastic

Nice,I luv this game but I don't like to wait for 5 hrs Moreover,many items are locked Surprisingly

Very bad this game kyoki is me cache dress sab lock Renata hai or of a Coolie Amitabh Recommend

I like dressing the people and I like the beautiful girl with the snow cape- Addie age 5 Recommend

Good game , l love this game , but sometimes it makes boring, Flawless

It is very very very very very very very very outstanding game I liked it my little sister liked this game Works perfectly

I like this game very . When in the a story come ,actually I love stories so I like to here this game's story for godsake. Omg

The game is not that good.Change it a bit please it is so boring.l will uninstall it. Well done!!

I love this game beacause it is like elsa fashion game please download more princess game Marvelous

This game is so beautifull but I never pay any money to it because I hate this game when they ask money "pahishan shevar hencha kahi nasta" Superb!

Its game was amazing my daughter really love this game whenever anyone install this this game you always like it Works great

I downloaded it for my sister. She loves this type of games and this is her favourite. Marvelous

Lol but I love the game. Cool

It is a good game as I thought but many things are locked only a few things are unlocked Just wow

It is gorgeous.Better you should download it because it is creatively made for kids Marvelous

I think that there should be more Superb!

This is very nice game when I am doing make up for the party lam thought happy all things is here Well done!!

It is a great game!I love it! Everything has so many colors and some are free! It is the coolest game ever made! I love it so much! It is the best! Highly Recommend.

This game is good but can you do this game or an another game with the full version. Awesome

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