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Very nice game.i love it too.really! I live it tiooooooooooooo. Already I love unicorns, even beautiful if also the are black or any other colour I really love it too. Highly Recommend.

I love pony. Ashley from the my little Pony. Tylight sparkle, pinkie pie, rarity, flutter shy and rainnbow dash Awesome

It's like my pony pet I don't have a pet I like pony's this is more then anything I thought Great!

This game is amaging l like it because l can decorate our homeland more fantastic Enjoy it!

I love it but the in the mini games time that is so long but I like it libii game is so good I play many of games but I am love this game libii game is so much fun but there are so many ads are everytime and please unlock some items so that I am give my pony I am love this game libii game is so good☺️ 5 star

I love it very very very very much Works great

It's nice but it will come always when we open this app it will come unfortunately this app is closed Perfect

This game game is very interesting. This game is amazing. I like this game very much. I love this game very much. I install this is a best game. All of wanted to download. Omg

best game i love this game and my sister is a lover of this game Works perfectly

Kuda pony nya lucu lucu coba ada kuda pony di dunia nya nyata pasti pengen nya yang kaya gitu cantik soal nya he he he he he Great job

It's a amazing game. I loved it because in this we can decorate our pony and decorate our magic land and can give a name to land ,we can fly our pony and play adventures and play music too,the exited thing is a lot's of mini game and adventures Brilliant

It a great game but has too many advertisements.. Plzz try to not show too many advertisements.. Perfect!

This is a amazing game There are adventures too,make delicious food, mysterious magic powers, homeland decorations you can earn daimonds too; Great job

Please extend your game because it's so much fun and the very best so if you will extend it and add some more things or stuffs,many people like it,my sister like it Marvelous

Lyn Very lovely and beautiful ponies! There are many games this is a super game!!!!!!!!!! Go well

You should not lock the levels of the games otherwise your game is very good I liked Awesome

This game is a very encouraging one. I don't know that if you will like it or not but I still say that you must install it., Highly Recommend.

Princess palace royal pony It's great it's amazing the pony is having a great look and other views please download this game 5 star

Good but no so much! Firstly u enjoyed it but after some time it's bored u Cool

Not so bad I liked it because the pony is adorable and the best part u have to take care of it bt I don't give it five because it is had to play Recommend

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