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soooioooooo nice Must have

Nice I very love this game But there is a problem There are some levels are block that I don't like Perfect

It will be more better when you unlock all the locked items . Libbi games please unlock all the locked items . Fabulous!

I like this game but can you please remove the adds because watching 16 videos is boring Highly Recommend.

I am tha big fan of princess libii so I like all games of princess libii. I have her all games. I just♡♡♡♡♡ her game. I am the very very very very big fan of her. Surprisingly

Kaya nya udah pernah tapi pas di liat foto nya belum pernah tapi coba liat dulu kalo udah pernah hapus aja soal nya memory nya sedikit gak bisa nampung yang banyak banyak he he he he he Just wow

I think its a great games for all types of hirls i love it i could play this whole day 5 star

It is a nice game with all features like dress up makeup etc. but it takes time to load and sometimes dosent let us play what we want and most of the things in it are locked Just wow

Soooooooooooooo............ cool game I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it Pretty good

a,love game it doesn't need wifi and that 's what makes it Great but it is hard to unlock levels and buy stuff and l got all princess libbys game it keeps you busy 5 star

The other Libby game I don't like it but this is a unique Libby game and I very much like it Go well

Bagus sekali hampir semua princess libby saya download tambah lg dong game princess libby love it! love it

It's a nice game but only one complain not for this game for all the game of Libbi. That's all good items are lock and we have to buy these items with money. So guys of Libbi team please give us some more free items not for this game for all the games of Libbi because we just love Libbi. Awesome

Princess libby games are nice but you should unlock all things or put money on it collected in game Well done!!

I love this Libbi games very much. I am 9 years old.My advice to my friends. Download King User and root your device.Wait until it says successfully finished rooting your device. Then download freedom ' s latest version.Open the app.Allow it root access.Then open the application you need to purchase.It will ask to wait for a few minutes.Then you can purchase.But it won't work on some apps.Download the required applications in GOOGLE CHROME Works perfectly

Lovely game. I love it. I am sure that you will like it. Please download this game Great job

I love this game its awesome i think every body should download it ,i think that there should be more updates Muito bom!

Great It doesn't need WiFi and that's what makes it Great but it is hard to unlock levels and buy stuff and I got all princess Libbys game it keeps you busy. Superb!

Prinecss My girls love it it is good for if you have friends over to sleep over Great job

Too ads I can't play the game I have to play 1 level repeatedly and try not to saw the updates coming while playing Surprisingly

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