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The price guru PriceCheck gives me an idea of what to expect price wise online and even offline.

Mistakes Some possible mistakes are seen imagine Nokia 515 N23,000.00.. correct and get 5star

Excellent It's a great idea, @ least someone will know different prices before buying, it's so nice

Okay app The flights section needs a lot of updating cos Arik Air is the only available domestic airline for Nigeria, and i believe the name of the app is PriceCheck Nigeria!

Nice app Easy to shuffle between price to items... it gives u what to expect when u go to shops to purchase

nice idea... at least you know the idea of d price of product before feast on them... havnt bought yet but its giving me a good insight... so manage 3star first

Best ever I wonder how trusted are the shops on pricecheck Ng?? I believe nobody wants to get scammed by a fake shop.

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