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Ok The quality of sound through speaker isnt so great. I doubt baby will sleep with it when born. There is too few extra songs to make 3$ worth it to me. But otherwise I liked it.

Keep it up... I'd started using this app since I was in 5 months of pregnancy as they say baby can listen the voice in the womb. From foetal hood to baby hood to toddler hood my son is sleeping while listening to you only. Thank you for making the app and including melodious tunes with timers... Omg

Good Very nice free 5 songs. If only I could pay by cash instead of credit card for the other 5 songs but I'm not a credit card user. Sad Enjoy it!

Just the right music Soothing, calms you down and your baby, wish they would let you play the rest of the playlist free too.. Fabulous!

Love these songs I used this app to help my sister sleep the year she lived with me and use it to sooth myself during high anxiety and migraines. My favorite app Not bad

In love <3 I got this app for my kids and It not only calms And puts them to sleep but me as well. My kids are a tad bit older now but my sister just recently had a baby and I'm here with her now trying to sooth her. I looked for this app on the market and was EXTREMELY sad that I couldn't find it ,so I googled it and luckily I found it! :) (absolutely had to have it).. And 3day old niece is sound asleep. :)) ... Just gotta say for those who.look for it ,it needs to be easy to search and find .still 5 *s Well done!!

Lifesaver This app came through for me when I was babysitting a screaming four-month-old who would not go to sleep. I put this on full volume right by her head and she was out like a light a few moments later. And I still had my sanity intact. I like the variety of music and the controls. Well done. Cool

Great! This would get 5 stars from me if it didn't close everytime I got a message or something. love it

#trying-to-sleep 6 mo loves! This has been perfect to soothe my 6 mo old when cranky at the store. Ends up falling asleep. Has worked since he was 3 mos. Call it my secret weapon.

#get-to-sleep-fast Works great! My son koa born 4-2-12 sleeps good to this especially at night when we need it the most

I love it! Been playing it since I was pregnant, and now that my little one is here, she loves it. Puts her at peace. Recommend to take Prenatal Lullabies Lite APK.

App is awesome and the music calms babies! It is absolutly true what they say about music calming a baby. We played the music on this app for our baby before she was born and now it will calm her down in any situation. Its awesome

Free version is great! Prenatal lullabies is amazing!!! I always had hard time getting my son to go to sleep or even stay a sleep for that but this app make him sleep great

Family I found this app right after finding out I was expecting. It has helped us (baby & me) sleep all night. VERY CALMING ;p 5 star

one complaint very amusic and adorabe app. except for one minor flaw. it put my mother-to-be in a coma for about 3 hours. other then that.. 5 * Surprisingly

Love it Iv been playing it since my baby girl was born its relaxing and puts her to sleep

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