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If youre not dying use this app Needed a dr today asap and since im new to the area I didnt know of one in my network. Decided to download the app and sign in with my correct information and it would not let me log in at all! Told me my info was not correct and i would be locked out if Amazing!

Had to rate at least 1 star. Downloaded app because Premera customer service recommended it to me. I am not even able to create an account because after i click continue after typing my information the whole screen goes black. Deleting this app because its terrible. Fix this and i will change rating.

Joey Laake Set up was easy has all the helpful network's and everything I need to check all my insurance needs, Thank You Joseph A. Laake.

Could be better Would be a good app if I could log in. Sometimes I can with no problems and others I can't even though I enter my login information correctly each time. I've had the app for about a week and have had only 3 successful logins. Would be a great app if the bugs were fixed. And like some others have said there was trouble setting up the account, took quite a few tries to do so. Could really benefit from this app if it worked correctly. Would also be great if the app offered to remember your password.

Helping hubby My husband always forgets his card and is constantly asking me for it. With this app I have the info on me without having to actually carrying his card. I definitely dont need to add to my wallet .

Poor Nothing like signing up and the app telling you your user name and password are wrong over and over. Especially when they have emailed you the name and password and that is exactly what you are typing in. Very disgusted.

Search needed. I cannot find individual benefits. The summary list is too broad. A PDF of the benefit booklet would be handy.

Cant login?? Created an account tried logging in and nothing changed my password and nothing! Fix this please it's very annoying!

#social-networking Top notch insurance app! Exactly what I was looking for: summary of my coverage and a convenient way to share my account info with my provider.

Convenient! Easy to use. Last update adds goods functionality. No problems on Motorola Atrix.. Recommend to install Premera Mobile APK.

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