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Super cute. Nice graphics. Wish I could add litter bins. Not easy to keep everyone happy. Would like it to be, easier to get hold coins. I've spent some cash on them but don't want to keep doing that. Would have paid a one-off fee to play and be able to do everything in game. wow lol

I love this game. Characters and animation are great. The employed staff could be made a bit more affordable. Perhaps if you ask 5000 coins for a guard, make it a bit longer than 24 hours. To me its not worth the 1 or 2 odd fights, I'd just as soon stop it myself. Goes for the trash collection to. Other than that its awesome! :-) Marvelous

I don't usually write reviews this is actually not too bad a game, reminds me a bit of sims theme park back in the day. I do wish you could up the economy a bit. Be able to adjust prices and thus affect visitor frequency, run ads etc. All in all not bad though. Runs well hasn't crashed on me. wow lol

Superb, loveable, addictive & Fun Game :D ever i played... last two years. I love all those characters and sound like crazy and relaxing... :P But only one thing that i need is more gold coins for expand my park and buy some rides. In store i can buy stone coins for gold coins. But i need gold coins for stone coins. Can u upgrade this...? This only thing that am getting bored :( Works perfectly

You need to be able to zoom out at least a little more. The game needs to stop zooming in everytime you place or move an item. Having an inventory or storage shed to store things in while you move things around would be nice too. It's hard to find the place you want to put an item if it is zoomed in so close and your park is large. Also, the share for gold option doesn't work when i try to share to facebook. It keeps looping and never works. I do like the game but it would so much nicer if you would fix this. Brilliant

Prehistoric park Nice game. Very fun but needs a storage option. I don't like buying things and spending coins to not be able to store what's not being used at that time. Its not so easy to move things around your park when you have no room .Being that I am making in app purchases I'd appreciated being able to storage items while I redecorate my park Not bad

Hard to earn gold though. Last played this over 3 years ago on an S2. Now on a S4. Sucks I had to start over, as it's so hard to get gold which u need for upgrades and special rides. But it is still one of the best games I've played :-) My code is EKN2TXK. Please add as we all know how hard it can be to get gold ;-) (Could neva understand why u need gold coins to buy certain rides, or pay money collectors gold, when your rides don't earn gold coins?!!!) Well done!!

Great Game Please remember, if you have an issue email the devs, don't just complain in the comments. You need something fixed, tell them. They will help you. We are in a time and place now where most games cost money as the devs have to get paid. No one can work for free. Most games require internet access. Use WiFi if you have an issue with your data plan. The game is well worth the price, free. Yes you do need a lot of room on your phone, tablet but look at most games, they are large. Keep up the great work guys. Awesome

I am addicted! This is such a cool fun game! Lots of offers but apart from that it's one of my favourite games that I have ever installed. I play at least twice every day and I build and improve to my heart's content! It so fun and a great way to pass bordem. I definitely recommend this game to anyone that loves rollercoasters and FUN! :-D Good

Brandi Reeves I love this game. Super easy to play, great animation! I wish there was an option to zoom out farther. I also think it's too expensive to add on the extended ground. The coins you have to buy to do smaller stuff last a good while and I think are a good deal, but the extentions are too pricey. Superb!

Prehistoric Park Builder I love this game. Its awesome. I really love when the cave people fight and jump on the trampoline. Its so funny. I only wish it was easier to invite friends to be your neighbor and to add and send gifts. I wish I could load my old game instead of starting a new one. I put alot of money in my old game. Now I have no way of getting all my stuff back. Muito bom!

Fun game Great way to pass time. More opportunities to get free gold would be great. Or at the very least, make items more obtainable for the limited amount of gold coins we do get on the game. Even playing the game all day, every day, it would still take upwards of a year or so to earn enough gold coins to buy the expensive items. Amazing!

Pretty fun It's an easy builder game with cute prehistoric theme. I'm only 2 days in and can tell it's a lil slow for me but I'll keep going. It also takes 40 MB storage not 8.37 listed in its description. }:¢) Enjoy it!

A couple of things I like the game but a few thing could be changed to make it better. You should make it so you can zoom out further. More opertunities to get gold coins. Maybe some quests or something to make it more fun. Otherwise I think it's a really fun game and the best of this kind I've played so far. Go well

Old But Gold!!! I've been playing this game since it's java version from my Nokia N70 5 years ago. I'm glad that you guys ported this into Android. Everything is perfect with the new features. I just want you guys to bring back the profile of every visitor everytime you will click them and the control to change ticket prices. Thanks. Great job

To get 50 golds. Type in ZWQTAKL. For friends code. I've been playing this game for years off and on and I always download it again every time I get a new phone love it lots. So addicted. Playing it so much almost can't put it down at all Brilliant

good game but could be better it is nice game. but you could improve it by bring happiness stats. like showing what make them unhappy or what they want. more larger park make it more difficult to see what miss of our park. and by click the cutomer icon don't just say customer number but show us cutomer stats like happiness hunger and fatigue. that's all for now from me. hope it become better and best game ;) Fabulous!

Caveman Fun!!! Quick Update. I broke my phone recently and just recently reinstalled it. The Game is Fun! However I do tire of the Ads popping up when I'm in the middle of doing something. I would also like to be able to purchase a little show to sit up where 4 or 5 cave people could sit down and watch as a ride. That and maybe some Totems that spout fire would be nice. The people are definitely fun to watch though. Fix the Ad mess and I'll change it back to 5 stars. Flawless

Great This is addicting and super fun! I do have a couple issues though. First off, we shouldn't have to pay for the simple dirt path. That should be free because you actually NEED it to play. Second, dino motors shouldn't have to be close by or even run things in general cuz the price gets higher every time you buy one. Or you could just make the price stay the same each time you buy a dino motor, either would be better. Other than that, it's super fun and I would totally recommend getting this game! Great!

LOVE IT!! I love this game so much. It's very addictive, you just can't stop playing it. I like the graphics and the way that people speak is really funny. Also there is no on app purchasing that I have had to do none of. I would recommend this app to anyone. However, I think that you should be given the golden coins more often so that you can buy expansions would be nice. And that I he rides shouldn't cost the golden coins either is another thing that I think should be changed. Highly Recommend.

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