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Great game I love the predator franchise, I dont understand what people are thinking when they hate on this game, its great and all i could ask for is...MORE! Updates to gameplay and arsenal would be nice as i have completed at least 4 times, but well done guys game is great none the less :D Recommend

Would love to play it buy the game refuses to load past the first title screen. Then i get a error message that says "Unfortunately, predators has stopped working." and there seems to be no solution and customer service is nowhere to be found on the issue. Well done!!

I really want to give this game a 5* review but it has some issues that can't be ignored. Grafix are reasonable for an older game and the general "atmosphere" of the game is good but the controls need attention. The introduction / training part of the game is actually very good each early level introducing you to a new aspect to consider but unfortunately I can't get passed the trophy heads, which I think is level 7(?). Reason being the button combo (grab + A x3) doesn't work and you have to collect 5 heads to progress to next level. There was a similar issue with previous combo but I stumbled across working button mash (different to instructions). This only cost 59p so not the end of the world but I'm wary of purchasing the sister game AvP in case of similar issues. Works great

The only issue is that the predator grabs on and can't let go until a moment later. I have died so many times because of this. It would be nice if you could make another button for letting go of your target wow lol

Please update Avp evolution for all android devices including under 2.1 Love this game but I wanted to play this first then Avp evolution but it seems not to work for my android that is outdated with the Avp app ,please update Avp Evolution with all the Android devices ,thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Great job

Great game Best game I have ever played and it was only a dollar. But the Mr. Black fight I feel could have been easier without so many dogs. But again as I said great game. Worth it!

Great game! As a fan of the predator franchise, I love this game. I suggest people to play this game. But a quick question. I know that this is not the same subject, but... Are you going to make a game with only the aliens/Xenomorphs? Surprisingly

Great Great game to play being on the predator team it's so fun. Was worth a roller although at first it was confused but afterward I understood and was getting better stuff Amazing!

Excellent and realistic. The graphics and game-play are superb and look very realistic. The animations are awesome and I love the way that the Predator rips the humans apart and then yells out with satisfaction. This is one of the finest games that I've played, bravo! 5 star

Pretty good over all I wish there were more than 31 levels, I beat the game in two nights bit it was very fun. The controls are decent but a little too close together, I can't tell you how many times I wanted to cloak and accidentally switched to thermal vision. Please upgrade for more levels. Amazing!

It's in a similar vein to the AvP Evolution game but not nearly as good. The camera is MUCH further away than displayed in the screen shots here. You're a tiny little predator running around a tiny little top-down map. You get bum-rushed by waves of humans and have to fight for survival in the most repetitive fashion. I'm giving it credit however as it isn't some pay-to-play trash and was well worth the 0.50p I paid for it. The touch screen controls are frustratingly unresponsive though. Perfect!

love it so worth the money its like a actual game with upgrades and stuff but o a phone. altho it would be cool if you could play in a city instead of a jungle all the time so waiting for a part 2 Great!

Perfection Mobile game perfection. Dont winge coz u cant defeat bosses, you just suck. This game is so legit. And hard make another one in the city its be awesome Go well

Super cool! Graphics great and gameplay is awesome! But levels are insufficient Im almost gonna complete the game after almost 24hrs of playing, is there any sequels?? Surprisingly

This game is the dog's bo**ock's m8!! , and definitely a five star's rating all day long!! . Massive alien's/predator fan boy too , and for a mobile game that's ONLY 59 pence here in the UK is a bargain and i'd recommend this to anybody because it's absolutely fantastic . To the guy's/girl's who made this brilliant game please bring out some more predator or even alien game's ? , because if they are of this standard or better ? I myself would pay again for this level of quality in a mobile game :-) . Keep up the good work lady's/gentleman . Pretty good

Good work Best game ever enjoyed this game so much but to bad you cant play online and if you can please make a update to play with other people online Good

Amazing game Its worth the $1.19 you pay and you don't even need to pay to play, great graphics and gameplay. Only flaw is it is way too short, add some more levels and will give 6* Works perfectly

Loved the game and everything about it but I think you should make it were it's online and you can fight other. Peale and join more clans but I still loved the game thanks (:: Flawless

Can u lower the price for south Africans cause we pay R10 for the game love it BTW awesome game keep. Up the good work and plz add a alein freeroam mode Omg

Just ok Graphics are good. We don't have many choices for predator games. Just redundant. Gets boring fast. Not worth $0.99. Fabulous!

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