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Saya suka geme ni ada lawan lawan i love u powerpuff girls dari hudanie izzati malaysia Amazing!

This reminds me when i was 5 i will pretend as blossom i love blossom so much it feals great to remember the memories Amazing!

This reminds me of my childhood because it is something to do with Powerpuff Girls. I miss watching it all day. I love Powerpuff Girls!!! Surprisingly

هى العبة ده حلوة وممتعة لكنها متقلده من العاب تنية يعنى بس هى بجد عجبتنى Brilliant

بازی خوبه ولی زمانی که نزدیک میشوید به حمله ها زود می خورید و میبازید Surprisingly

*This reminds me of my childhood* This game still reminds me when I used to watch Powerpuff Girls. Its like the best memory when I was small. wow lol

I love the powerpuff girls and this game even if it wasn't the powerpuff girls but the powerpuff girls and the game is just so so SO amazing 5 star

I Choose Power puff game for my life.. Forever.. Soo this is my Fav games! Forever my life • 3 • Pretty good

This is my childhood. Even I don't even play it I will rate it 5 stars because they made me remember my childhood life. Thanks! :) Works perfectly

I loved it . It is nice and beautiful. Thanks for who do the game. Marvelous

i watch powerpuff girls everyday i ❤bubbles and blossom too i loved this game... Works great

خیلی‌ها زیبایی‌های Surprisingly

Yeah it is very cool game. I am so glad with this game. But sometimes I feel very bad. Been I can't use the laser . wow lol

brilliant game I so liked it. খুব ভাল েগম ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Enjoy it!

Nice but I don't know how to change the player please any body tell me how but its the best game with other games Flawless

the game is so nice but there is one problem i can't use tha laser or any thing else to make self defense and i don't like to play with Blossom only i want to play with bubbles or buttercum but the game is so nice Just wow

It's nice but... This game is super addictive.But it's too addictive.I get stuck on level 10.Make this game easier.Secondly if I put the game on then press the home button I can still still hear music!! Must have

Omnia taher Love you Not bad

Bad It's really bad cuz Blossom is the only one playing and I wish there was no stars so I can click that! Works great

So awesome This game is awesome other people who don't have please download it please its so awesome 5 star

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