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Excellent Must have app for editing pptx files. I used officepro for years (which is an excellent app) but this is better. Wish it had support for older formats though. Works perfectly

Good start, but a few bugs to work out This is the best iteration of tablet-friendly PowerPoint for Android. Very close to a Windows experience. Issues I've noticed: Every time I start a slideshow from Current Slide instead of from the beginning, the program freezes and won't respond. Brilliant

Excellent Works very well, perfect format across windows and android version. I was in the testing group for this, word, and exel. and most issues are fixed. It's really useful.

My Only Complaint - Still 5 Stars The printer feature, I need more choices instead of Google Cloud Print service. A suggestion: model after Adobe Reader for Android in the printing department.

Tops Google Slides Simply has got all the features that unfortunately you won't find on Google Slides.

Great start! Needs some things. Needs: ACTUAL IMMERSIVE MODE TO HIDE NAV BAR AND FILL ENTIRE SCREEN, Chromecast support, ability to automatically find any .ppt files on the device to show in the left panel for hassle-free access, and ability to "talk" with the rest of the Android Office suite. Kudos Office team, no issues on 5.0.1 Nexus 9!

Nice So glad this is available. If only it didn't fail to open my document every single time.

Rename app READER! I'm using the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 tablet for work and teh Tab 4 for home. Before I downloaded the app, I read that you were able to create and edit. After downloading the application, I opened it and it immediately stated that "READERS ONLY". You must purchase or have Office 365 in order to CREATE, EDIT OR SAVE. That's not what you state. Even gaming apps state if you have "in-app purchases" clearly. RE SONY TO THESE TYPES OF RATINGS!

Mind blowing For months i have been waiting for this app... Thanks very much... Microsoft you are OS proved yourselves... God bless Microsoft...

Works great. Love this. Now I can start a prezo on my phone (galaxy note edge), add to it with my tablet (galaxy tab s 8.4) and finish it off on either my surface pro or my desktop.

Need lots of work! Apps doesn't work properly in background. Some problem while opening new slides. Besides, it is very slow. Please improve. Nexus 7 2013

How do I How do I change theme once I have already made a presentation? The rest is really great

Pretty good, but a work in progress This likely is the best PowerPoint app for Android. Some suggestions to make it better. No need for the app to be locked in landscape mode. Also when making a presentation go full should actually go full screen. Right now it does not hide the navigation buttons on the bottom. Finally, while supporting google cloud print is fine, Android since KitKat has had OS level support for printing...please make use of this official api.

Nvidia shield tablet Decent start, but does not exit from annotation mode during a presentation once the stylus has been used. Otherwise looking good!. Recommend to take PowerPoint for Tablet APK

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Works well Some transition effects are a bit messed up, and the animations and themes tab is currently nonexistent, but no other problem noticed so far.

An overdue addition Works well as both a reader and as a full product with Office 365. Office has never been so affordable as it is now through Office 365 licensing and you get desktop AND mobile for the same dollars.

Lacks Drive Support Lacks Google Drive support, a deal breaker. Also can't log in with my corporate account which is Office 365 managed. Not sure if that's a app problem or corp security issue.

Thank you MS! I've been frustrated with Google's joke of an app, Slides, for 6 months. PowerPoint is EXACTLY what I needed on Android that Google just simply couldn't deliver. I understand that the Office apps for Android are previews, but even in unfinished form you just won a dedicated user on mobile. I work more from my tablet these days but Google doesn't seem to get it releasing productivity apps that look like a 10th grader's failed experiment. 4* for PowerPoint. 5* if the final version supports themes and sound.

Great. It's exceptional that Microsoft has developed a ms office app optimized for android. It would be great if excel,word and PowerPoint can talk to each other. E.g add a graph in PowerPoint from the excel app.

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