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Great features. Only wish to upload several pictures at a time. Otherwise, works very well! Muito bom!

Good rendition of Power Point for Android devices. It makes working on the go possible for those who rely on presentations and need to make occasional or frequent adjustments to the material. Perfect

lacks many of the basic features the normal version would have. if you want a less developed version of power point then here you go. Great job

Thank you for making my presentations visible....only I have to carry my WI-FI dongle ( it is small). DNN Worth a go!

Great tool to use while you on the go you can complete a prestation anywhere and anytime. GREAT FOR UNIVERSITY AND WORK. Great!

Works fantastic, glad to have it on my phone, it makes studying a lot easier while standing around. Highly Recommend.

I like this app it helped me a lot in making my very first presentation,which was quite good and liked by others love it

For me it has proved to be a great help Doing this in my entire college project Thanks Microsoft. Must have

It's better but should improve many things like drawing and erasing and making only small head lines and styles of the letter to type and many more love it

It's convenient coz now you don't have to have a laptop everywhere u go and it has the same functions as the normal desktop version. Muito bom!

بسیار خوب و عالی فقط اینکه صفحه های پاور را خوب کامل نشان نمیدهد یعنی نوشته های بالا و پایین دیده نمیشود ولی با اینحال راضیم Just wow

I really enjoy Powerpoint and I would really love if the Android version was as complete as the PC one. Especially I regret there is no way to import transparent pictures, no way to number the slides and no way to change our theme's colors. Could you at least add these functionnalities? Thank you in advance Recommend

Great app it let u carry Microsoft PPT every where. But theirs only one problem u can't add clipart which is a great feature that we need else everything is I recommend to download this app Great job

This app is super resourceful. Especially since I get the availability to use it on my tablet or phone. It provides me with the convenience of doing my homework away from a desktop or laptop. Since, its free to use that's a major plus too Not bad

i liked it but it needs not things that u can ues and u not have to pay to upgrade and i try sharing what i have done and it will not let me but over all it was good and i liked it :): Great job

It's great, people can look at my posters that I made. However, it made me happy when I save it and I could not stop jumping in bed. Omg

Why do people say this is boring? Even if you arent using it for important stuff, it can be fun. I am a student im the gifted program, and i love this app. So much fun! I made lots of my power points very funny so i can never say its boring. Enjoy it!

Only there is option to write Big letters in title and there is no chance to write letters in required size 5 star

It didn't receive 5 stars because it lags a lot depending on how many things are on the currently slide you're working on. Very annoying. Other than that, very well with all original desktop tools. Superb!

Im using j7...which helped me lot of work to do using background eraser which worked very well...but suddenly after i updated this app ...background appears black.. even after i erase the background...i couldnt do anything...pls fix this..or any1 have a solution Go well

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