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This app helped me finish a power point for school on my tablet within a day, the only thing i dont like is that since im useing a flashdrive (with usbA female to usb c Male adapter), i had to make a completely different version of the file just to edit mistakes. Recommend

It's pretty impressive, considering it's freaking Power point on mobil app, but it's still somewhat limited and hard to use compred to the PC version. Not disappointed Well done!!

It's a little slow even for my new redmi note 4....and lag's sometimes....I'd have to reinstall it...but quite easy to use.... Superb!

This app is okay to use but It has a problem on my phone because when I'm gonna share my files to my friends and I'm offline I cannot share it to them because it need to be online especially . Pls fix this I really need it to be fix specially when I'm using this to report in my class. Perfect!

If some one us telling the app is not useful than he doen't know how to use it or what this app is for Worth it!

Everything @ a single place Awesome app Works best when ur phn is good . Not sure for everyone BT for me It's just a fantastic experience Highly Recommend.

The only complaint that I have about this app is that is has horrible lag. I will type something and I have to give it a minute for the words to show up. Aside from that the app works the way that it should. I can save everything to my Cloud and access it anywhere. Recommend

U really have to fixed the multi window function it's not useful: bugs and crashes. Just wow

Don't have a laptop . So when it comes to class presentations I use this app. And it's easy to use, yeah plus point. Fabulous!

It would be great if we had a laser pointer in presenter view. That would help a lot. Otherwise great app. Fantastic

Love the app I can do the church flyers here... It's a little hard because of the word art... I can't find it or is not there but it does get the job done Fabulous!

The online coversion of files are not recommended.Latest version of powerpoint must be intrduced having full capabilities just as desktop version.with all offline features. Regards Cool

I hope the note taking on the slide show improve more . There's better apps in that area Highly Recommend.

PPT should be made into infographics, or PNG should have an option to save as long form, I.e. all presentation in one long dormat Enjoy it!

Lovely but a bit slow when I type and I only just got it two days ago and I love it Flawless

Haven't used a lot yet except for viewing a couple of files but adequate so far. Works great

Best PowerPoint Presentation App! This is the official Microsoft PowerPoint app and works amazing with Microsoft PowerPoint on my computer. It is even more full featured and better when I add my Office 365 subscription to the app (not required for the app, however). Thanks! :) Great job

Nice mini version of the real Microsoft PowerPoint in my PC, But, it is really confusing me on how to use it properly (it helps me to do PowerPoint when i didn't even allowed to use my laptop) Muito bom!

One of the best presentation apps, in almost every way, but it doesn't support transparency in .PNG images properly Makes background black instead of transparent. Wish MS would fix it, because I really love this app otherwise. Google can do it in Slides. Works great

This app is good but not perfect on android... Why ... it's works more nice on IOS devices like iphone that's why I give it jest 3 star ... Why on iphone is better..???? than android like galaxy note 8.. wow lol

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