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It been useful ,helping me downloads assignments from PDF and making changes to my work. Go well

Its kind of slow when im using the piwerpoint in my cellphone but at least i can make some powerpoints and present them to my class Must have

Its very useful for work, school, and important daily life jobs. Why do people say its boring? Its not a game. Its was never SUPPOSED to be one. Please use your brain more acurately and red the description. Works great

Small problem I had a while back - a trimmed video that I had played right from the beginning and the timing of it didn't operate so it played long before it was supposed to. I created the PPT on my computer and I just found it annoying that the code from that wasn't implemented in this app. This is the entire reason why I downloaded this app as it meant that my computer would be free to use and I would not waste valuable time recording PPTs to make edited videos for YouTube. Also there is no way to put videos in to it. (Tell me if I am missing something please) love it

Good, pretty easy to use, but it lags a lot. Touch controls when resizing are a bit annoying(starts lagging). The auto save function is very intrusive when working fast because it lags as well. Overall helpful and good. Amazing!

The android app keeps getting better and better... Really catching up with the 365 desktop version.. I can only think of getting "insert clip" and "insert picture from web" ability, and it is completed! Good

This isn't better than when your using a computer but it is really useful when you don't have any thing to use you can use this app Great!

This still has a few bugs that should be worked out. Text input is very delayed and laggy, mostly when typing in text boxes. Bullet points also don't work at all in the notes pane. Works perfectly

This app is fantastic because now my cellphone can do things n open files that only laptop can open it. It is as if I have my own little laptop in my phone Brilliant

Productive I like microsoft powerpoint for my studies and presentations. It gives more productivity and ease to make presentations on the go. I like its features but where could I get office 365? I heard there are so much features that I could get. Perfect!

Great app. However, features available on android based tablets seem less than the one found on powerpoint on windows based PC. Marvelous

I Love This App. I'm Only 8 Years old and I am making a slide show and I might get a extra mark because I'm showing to my class today so for that I give it a 5 Not bad

I like the versatility and convenience of being able to do a PowerPoint on this derive... and it is free too. Thank you Microsoft. Muito bom!

This app is in itself versatile but also has excellent transferable properties between other devices . Worth a go!

I just loved compact and easy to use...cover your whole day work in an organised form of slides.... Works great

I Love this. It's helping me not to move around with my laptop. I can work on the move. Worth a go!

I think it's great cos as I do PowerPoint on my pc and save it it saves to my laptop Highly Recommend.

Love Power Point on my PC. Disappointed this app doesn't allow you to pick more than one item. Since I need to be able to choose multiple items at a, probably won't use until this feature is added. Great!

Good app considering it is a powerpoint editor on a smartphone. A bit laggy sometimes but nothing too bad. 4/5 because of the limited features compared to the PC version. Perfect

This app is amazing! Considering I'm always on the go. I never have problems with this app. wow lol

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