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This is the best in all of Microsoft history. I can use this to do a presentation based on Jacqueline Kennedy I did in school earlier. Great!

I con't believe ,that' s amazing power points . I think this is the best app for reading or writting . Great job

Glad to get power power point presentation on my Samsung J7, phone I have 0ffice subscription Not bad

It helps me in preparing and delivering presentations.. tools r good and helpful Im enjoying the app wow lol

This app is awesome! I can do my school project here anytime,Thankyou microsoft☺☺☺ Worth it!

It's a good app.. the pc one is better of course but still is good enough for a quick presentation or sth.. Pretty good

It is a great app. But it is too complicated to use for a beginner. Otherwise it is very good Just wow

Easy to use compared to other phone presentation apps ... Definitely recommend downloading Perfect

Very useful for editing and presenting ppt, almost as good as the desktop version for presenting, editing minor objects is fine but for anything more a laptop is needed Superb!

It's the best app in the whole wide multiverse. I would rather save this app than my children. Worth a go!

Great app. Reproduce the content of other PowerPoint format and display it in style. I am pleased with it. Marvelous

Real convenient app it helps me with all of my school assignments and lectures very organized and easy to use great work Omg

Presentations at their best! Fantastic tool for everyone: from school students to serious business work! Worth it!

Love the simplicity of it!! User friendly Perfect!

I think that you need to major the program because a lot of things could not do. For example: if I don't put an animation or translation I don't put music or sounds and that is necessary for an occasion are more thing like if I put an animation I don't could put a translation and things like that and that for said mistakes could affect the people in any occasion so make a major in the app and the people will go to appreciate more. Is a good recommendation!!! Superb!

What da hell had to do with boring and the one that say da game suck should suck their mother's head off Omg

Its an great app that allows me to produce powerpoint slides of excellent quality in my hands and is capable of doing a more exceptional job than the computer version itself. Marvelous

What had at to abbey's brown shaken Osman Zhang's an Dido Highly Recommend.

I always use it. My dog passed away recently so I wanted to make a PowerPoint abou his life. It has helped me alot getting that objective done. Thankyou PowerPoint Enjoy it!

It would be great if we had a laser pointer and a timer in presenter view. Plus the app needs to have 3d capabilities like the computer one. I had a presentation prepared on my computer with 3d that I couldn't use properly on my tablet.That would help a lot. Otherwise great app. Omg

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