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The first time, I played for a month then thought it wasn t a safe game xoz of the microphone but it was sooo addictive and i researched an found out it was safe. Now here I am trying to reload it. Worth it!

I loved this app a lot more before all of the graphics became awkwardly enlarged and disproportionate to my pou and the game itself. And I have recently redownloaded it juat to start playing with my cute old friend! Please help and I will change my rating I peomise!! Perfect

Had this game a few years ago and have looked for the little fella ever since, bit sad but he's like a pet that puts a smile on your face he is always glad to see you Muito bom!

It's a really awesome game, I'm in year seven and I'm addicted to it! I'm already level 45! I think I should probably put something negative, but it's just too good! If you've got the game, please like me: My username is kittycatpou11 (Sorry about the weird name on this rating thing - Poppy and Hannah Winglis lol) Thanks! Must have

I love this game. Been playing since 2014. Im a level 102. This takes patience. It is a time killer. My favorite part is that you can earn coins just for taking care of your pou, if you need any extra, then you can play a variety of mini games with your pou. Cool

First, I just want to rage about the other comments - if you don't know, you can actually get into heaven in sky jump, plus people who don't like this, they are nasty people it's so good I can't even hate it, and plus I know it's supposed to be a piece of poop but it's actually supposed to be for FUN Too. Also, its pronounced "Poo" not "Pow". BTW, It's awesome!!! God bless the developer and the team!!! Awesome

I really like the game but if I play just a short while my game does something really weird and it's very hard to explain, but then I have to quit the game, so I can't play the games. Please fix it, it's really frustrating. Recommend

This game gives me mindless entertainment for hours. My kids help me take if pou. It's really quite funny. Pretty good

I liked this game, but... there is one thing i didn't like. It's the notifications. And this game make my phone lagging. But i really like this game! Thanks for creating this game! ^_^ Fabulous!

AGAIN. a glitch. I've emailed you twice and no feed pous things have gone large. Please fix. Awesome

It's good, But then this happened: I was just flicking through the photos I took in this app and then it said "Unfortunately, Pou has stopped." How could this happen? Superb!

Pou is soooooooooooooooooooo cute! But when I leave the game all night he is starving and he poo in the bathroom and he does not have energy Go well

Let my daughter upload it to my phone, "for just one day" I week later and I'm now taking care of an adult Pou! How can I level up faster?? I hate that the levels are so high for purchasing cooler stuff! Worth a go!

I like this game but I hate how everything is locked, I mean who will have the game till it's to 150 I mean come on.Also I hate how it yells at me when I am doing something, just think u are at your job at your phone talks to u,I would be mad.But if u like games like that where am I to juge. Great!

I really like this game a lot but, it's just a little too much things to try to get and its very confusing. But still, it does gives something for you to become responsible at. Marvelous

Love it. I got this because my friend had it and was playing one of the many games it has and I wanted to try it so I got it and I loved it ever since but the only bad thing is u aren't really playing alot if games will friends u just sit there and look at each other but over all I ❤ it Fabulous!

Some of the things are either a bit too much money to buy, or you have to be at a level to get it. And what's the "Special" Level? BTW, I Love It! Good

It's so good when it comes to playing it. Perfect

It needs and update. There's a lag on every time I open the game, we need more stuff, more game modes and of course, there's a lot of special stuff that I don't even know how to unlock it and can't buy Surprisingly

Amazing Its so good ehrn it come to playing it. Its so much fun make sure to get it and people are like it so bad but i think its good Perfect!

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