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I still love this game but I loaded it up today and found out that all of my potaytoyz are GONE!!! including my sister's box of potaytoyz which she put ALOT of hard work into and she's heartbroken. Don't get me wrong I still love the game and I understand that you need the money to print the potaytoyz but a heads up would have been nice soon as though I opened the game often without getting one. 5 star


Hi this game is really awesome now but my sister play it and one reward is gone and then iam really mad at my sister. Oh sorry don't think of it now I'll rate you a perfect star cuz this is fun,exciting,and awesome and then I'll deleted it but I download it again right now I'll rate you five star thx <3 :) ;) 5 star

Honestly, my child loved it so much i banned her from her phone for a week because she was playing it at 12 am. Muito bom!

I like this game but when you're colouring in a potato can you please make more options for a pen such as pencil or paint brush. It would be good to zoom in for little details as well. But the main thing is that my little potatoes are not dropping down into the little tubes anymore so I can't play the game. Fix this and I'll rate 5 stars 5 star

I loveeee this game, it is very satisfying (did I spell it right?) but please have at least one more box free! Thank you Recommend

I love the game but it's ashame you can't play around with your character there's one problem for me were is the button / thing to 3d print your figure can't find it anywere so I'm just creating them without saving them just until I can find how to do it .if you know how to do the following that plz comment the awnser for me . Thank you Not bad

It's nice and all just this game asks for money and children's parents don't just throw their money everywhere so please please please don't make a price and let everyone have one for free?! Perfect!

I love how you can 3D print these my friend printed 2 of hers and they were awesome I printed one of mine recently and it is so cute ! I'm gonna creat more so I can print them ... I love this game so much Cool

I loooooove this app, but i dont like that i dont have anything to do. I only design little monsters. I wish you could make them move, talk,as a game. Not just design then buy.i hope the makers of this game read my comment and follow through. Surprisingly

I wish there were more patterns and eyes and things like that but all in all its great!!! Marvelous

I can make loads and loads of different things I think that it is a really fun game you can design and little buddy take a photo of it save it and if you want to buy it but just designing and sending the pictures my friend it will be fun to play with I've only made two of them and I like them a lot and I mean and already the only thing I like don't like is that the prices are really high and why Tom maybe just 99p or 10p even though they have to be delivered from really far away Not bad

Everything about this game is creative and relaxing! The only problem is the amount of detail you can add. I think you need to add a zoom in feature. Recommend

Yes I love this game but LOWER THE PRICE, I have a question can people in England buy it? I will give you 5 stars if and only if you LOWER the price! Perfect

A good game to express yourself .its cool you can create your own toy and 3d print itbut one bad thing is that you have to pay for the 3d printing which kinda is expensive Go well

OMG UR PRICE IS SO HIGH! not to be rude or anything but, IM NOT PAYING $16 FOR A 4 INCH TOY! I'M ONLY 10 AND I CAN'T BUY THAT. Go well

I love it! People who say it's alot of money to 3d print it think do they earn the money? You can also say I made that! Not got the modle in the pound shop. Great job

I gave 4 stars cuz, i like the game but can u make like, some sorta room where u can keep them in so u can delete them and remake new ones but save the ones u like? Otherwise, i like it Surprisingly

I love it and it actually understands the laws of physics and it's cute cool and I love it Fantastic

I remembered playing this game I made one of these potatoes things and asked my dad if I can get it ands he's like OK heh let them lower that price and then I felt really sad it looked so cute I could not handle it I had to remove the game now that I have found it again I will remake and buy but BEFORE I buy LOWER the price plz Just wow

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