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There was a messup but they fixed my issue. Im willing to give it a second chance. Worth it!

I love the quote that is posted in the metro train. "Venice needs Crystals to Heal.. Not bad

Smooth experience in app, tons of options in multiple cities i have been in, even more than uber eats and doordash wow lol

The app is currently not loading for me and yesterday it kept freezing. I felt bad for my driver and annoyed because it took over 1.5 hours to get my food. Muito bom!

Pay for delivery which is usually steap, also tax and a extra fee if your food isn't over 12 dollars. That results in 3 fees including your actual food and food tax. At the end of the day your buying your meal twice with this vender/app. Superb!

Great. They sneak in a fine print charge with the taxes at the end of the order on some orders. Make sure to double check Cool

So great how you can get food from anywhere nearby. Not the cheapest, but certainly the most flexible Amazing!

The app is a great app I just wish people knew how to order things on it will make the drivers much happier Highly Recommend.

Love how the drivers will text me the wait time and what drink I it would also be awesome to have more discounts deals Marvelous

I still think uber eats & Doordash are better at deliveries,but still haven't gotten anything delivers from here Recommend

I like postmates but I would like more pictures of the different plates that every restaurant or food place offers. Just wow

It's okay, but they will sometimes accept your order, only to cancel it a half hour later because no postmates were around. It should just tell you there are none available so you don't waste your time. They also told me I would get a credit for the trouble twice, but never did. Marvelous

This app has come in handy because I am a new mother and leaving the house isn't as easy at this time. I love the options and the fast delivery times. Perfect

No good ....this app take of you bad delivery personal ...much better is GrubHub or seamless wow lol

The worst, beware!! My app froze as I was trying to review my order and my order was placed. I was able to cancel within the minute but now I'm being charged for food I never received and customer service is of no help whatsoever with this issue!! Apparently the customer is at fault for any technical issues the app may encounter. Beware, as the checkout process can be tricky, especially when trying to find out if Promo codes were applied to your order. Update: customer service resolved my issue! Thanks Well done!!

We can't blame the delivery people all the time. Sometimes the app works properly sometimes it doesn't. So 3 stars for the days I get food, 3 stars for the days it works, 3 stars for the days it doesn't work. App is user friendly except those glitches. Works perfectly

It would be great if the app actually let me click anything on the drop down menus. Any time I do, a check mark appears briefly and then disappears. wow lol

I loved her professionalism I have a PitBull on my porch, when she arrived I told her don't worry he chained up she said " Don't worry he a sweet dog , be careful the coffee is hot "! Cool

Not a fan of the way they charge a surcharge then reduce the price but... They follow delivery instructions well. They care about getting it to you in a timely fashion. Brilliant

Last few deliveries have been late. Food was cold. One or two occasions is just a busy night,but several in a row is a systemic problem--not enough drivers, or poor training of existing staff. Removing app from my phone until I hear otherwise. Awesome

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