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I love the concept, and have made $400 in just a couple weeks (@smoonbeams). Response time from customer service is terrible though, considering the 20% fee they take in each item you'd think they'd be more considerate, and know time is money! Other than that, I enjoy the app. You have to be very active in sharing your own posts, as well as others. Superb!

Have used this app to buy a couple things at extremely low prices, super fast. Looking to sell with it soon. My biggest pain with the app is when your searching it always defaults to womens. I'll search and end up looking for a little bit before I notice it's all ladies. If my profile is male looking for male clothes default search male please. Enjoy it!

Love this app!! best way to find those jewel pieces you can't find in the store or online at a fraction of the price. ❤❤❤ Works great

I love poshmark. Sometimes it's a little challenging to search for something that you're looking for but there could be something that I'm missing. If I Google am item with the word Poshmark it will find more than if I'm searching in the app. I have sold some clothes, and bought many more! I can definitely say that my closet is better after finding this! Not bad

I absolutely love this app, way better than any other shopping site out there in my opinion, the customer service is top notch, always very helpful Awesome

Only complaint is I wish they had private messaging like eBay where you could add pictures to a message wow lol

Poshmark enables me to sell my items at a good price versus consignment stores or yard sales and I have access to the entire country. Worth it!

Very user friendly app that makes it easy to sell your items and get paid quickly. 5 star

I'm going to get to the brass tax on this. It's great as a seller for a way to make extra cash. For buyers it's a chance to find items at a cheaper cost. That said, after using this app for several months, it's pretty horrid just using the app. I hate having to one by one share items and spend hours upon hours repeating the same motions, just to get items in front of someone to purchase it. It's the slowest most tedious app I've ever used. CREATE A BULK SHARE OPTION! Also, whenever I get new followers, to follow back I have to search through a list of thousands of names. Who has that time? I have a job, and this is entirely inconvenient. The last thing is, I wonder how many buyers I'm losing out on because of a steep shipping fee. Please create an option for buyers to choose first class shipping. It more than halves the cost. The more I sell, the more Poshmark makes. Adapt properly, listen to those in your company who are undoubtedly pushing for these changes, and in the end help me make more profit so in turn you can make more profit. Perfect

I have been an online seller for 17 years. I've used numerous different platforms. I found posh mark interesting when I started selling of late June 2017. It seemed interesting those people could make offers, counter offer, and bundle, so I could make an offer. All those features are great. The part that is atrocious and makes it almost unbearable to be a posh mark seller is the fact that posh mark of allows any buyer to drastically low ball, to the most offensive levels, and on daily basis. 4 out of 5 offers I get are 40 to 80% lower than my listing price and my listing prices are already incredibly cheap. Most buyers on there geel self entitled and that they deserve whatever they want because sellers should be willing to give their stuff away for free. I reached out the posh mark about this months ago, and they actually lied to me with their response saying that no one can offer more than 20% off!!!! As if I'm an imbecile and I can't do math Good

I have been very successful using this amazing app. Still alot to learn but I love it. Best app ever! I'm thankful for the opportunity. Works great

Great deals,great prices.Best shopping & selling app..ive ever used.Been using it for yrs,now. Highly Recommend.

I absolutely love this app! I no longer go out to shop....only for groceries lol Muito bom!

Poshmark is on point in not allowing replicas or scammers. My only complaint is the flat shipping fee for even very small items... It's great for large items but if I want to buy a small item, the shipping is way too expensive and they don't allow for sellers to choose their own shopping method. Other than that I do like the app and it has a nice, clean, intuitive design. Just wow

I love this app. You dont have to sell itemes if you dont want to but if you do then its easy to put items on here and easy to ship. Well done!!

I love poshmark! I'm technologically challenged and it's simple even for me to use! Great way to clear your closet out and make some extra cash! love it

Poshmark is fun and easy to use. Best app invented so far! You can find great deals or sell your treasures! 5 Works perfectly

So far I have had great luck selling & buying with this app. Poshmark automatically sends you shipping labels which is very convenient. I'm happy overall. Superb!

By far my most favorite app. User friendly, easy, & fun way to sell & buy clothes. Great!

Love this app ... Have sold lots of items in 3 weeks ... Would highly recommend!! Go well

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