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Awesome Provided facility was awesome and helpful. My condition improved within a day. Thank u again

Good Good but coordinate not with patients. Simply without intimate they will cancel appointment

Really helpful The physiotherapist he has provided was MPT and very well experienced which observation was very good and solved the complaint....thank u

Fraud business! They claim that a referral bonus is paid for each referral. I received an sms with a link to claim the bonus. But when you click on the link you get an error message. Called them multiple times and the only response that I get is "someone from the referral team will contact you". However no one has called so far. Also It is advisable not to make any online payments to Portea. The customer service agent has no clue of the payment when we contact them. The chat service does not work. Pathetic service!

Could do better Do not find it easy to manage appointments using the app. End up doing it via phone or in person. Even after 3 visits the clinical records are not updated in the app.

Horrible experience It's been 3 weeks since i have cancelled my appointment and they still haven't redeemed my payment. If you can't trust them with a simple transaction imagine trusting them with medical issues.

Thanks Portea I used portea for physiotherapy sessions. It was good. Doctor was also good. Suggested exercise helped me lot.

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