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It's a awesome game. One of the girl looked like me best friend. She was amazed! LOL!:-) So giving this ***** Stars!! I'm a girl btw Enjoy it!

Unlock more stuffs without paying!! Pls unlock more stuffs. i need to do different models. this is my chance to show the people that im good at fashion taste :P Worth it!

Not so good. The game is f***ing bad . The problem that very small options. It will be a great game if you unlocked some of those locked options . I will uninstall because that's bad i am bored of it. Fantastic

Love it!!! Its awsome I love it I recommend this for enyone who loves wearing or doing makeup!!! You can put mascara eye shadow blusher and lip gloss on a girl and choose her hair style then choose some funky cool clothes or a dress then choose a background scene and there's rock chick music playing in the background recommended from me 5 years to 16:) Great job

Star but the best of all the way, and the other side of things to say that the new year to year oldest and most likely the best way. I am a big deal with the new version of the New York City and state law enforcement agencies and a few days Superb!

Fun! The game was fun but they could have unlocked everything so I wouldn't have to keep doing the same thing over and over again. Aliye: Andrea ' s daughter Brilliant

Imaan Farooqui♥ says: This is a pretty good game.I wouldn't give it 5 stars because there are some stuff that are locked and if you want them unlocked then that requires purchasing. That sucks. :( Perfect

Awesome It is fantastic but just should open all thwarting things than it will be trastic I love it! Keep up the good work Libii ! 5 star

It's so nice Talaga nice game ever buti nalang may nakaisip ng larUng to thanks sa gumawa netong game na to I wish na maramI pang gumawa ng game na gaya Neto thank u talaga god bless yOu.. oh my G Surprisingly

My name is kyla shane Its kyla shane marejo is my tita I'm nine yrs. old and I love it,best game eveh! ......pls make more of these games I got all of them in my tablet.... Awesome

Great but... This game is great but you can only do one girl. Please make it free to unlock all the girls. Besides from that best game EVER! Fabulous!

I personlyy love all salon games from libi.They are very fun. MY sister pretends that she is a stylist when she plays. It's awesome.I'll never regret it. love it

I love this game.. ........... I think everybody Should get this game. And tell us if they love it ,Well am. Talking ABOUT the Girl should Get this game.? (Love ,Joy ,hope) ***** I just want to tell you give this game 5 star! (Please) . Great!

My little sister likes it Thank you so much I was looking all night and finelly found my sisters best game so I seid ok because if I say no she crys thank you Not bad

Awesome I like it cos you can style her and do any make up you want!! It is awesome and I did not find any blurs or anything. I like it a lot!! :-D Amazing!

It's allright. This app is sorta good. I guess it's a little fun, too. But the ads? PUH-LEEZE! But otherwise it's okay except, ya know, stuff you hafta pay MUNNY-SMONEY for.. but thumbs-medium! Good

not being able to actually use the nicer items is bs. i get that you meed revenue, but blocking off half the game and throwing and ad everh 5 seconds is unnecessary. Must have

The ads are a bit annoying and sometimes you even forget what you were doing ,but its a fun game if you don't mind them.Thats why I give it an average score. Won't you agree? If so call 93903686 vand we shall discuss it and maybe become friends, and by the way I'm a girl, this is my dad's name Recommend

Fun But...more free things would be nice because there is soooo many pretty things that are locked and it's really sad for all of us because kids my age cannot buy anything locked because we are children but we want more things unlocked for us please! Fantastic

Love it I should have put some steps how to your house I just put them there because lost my name is like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what just like awesome he can fly in the sky and never find a compromise guy she can find the sky she can find those guys she key to find the sky those guys Shiki can find sky you can buy the sky like how whatever Vict really nice to meet you guys whatever whatever and you guys don't let your f and I got to together we have the whole world that yo and do did you Muito bom!

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