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Great time waster. Well done!!

Good simulation game. Must have

to add friends. Omg

Great! I named my poop Obama. I starve it and leave it out in the rain and ignore it, then torment it just to anger stress reliever there is when the real obummer is untouchable. Great app. If you hate politicians, I recommend you get this app and name your poop after someone you despise. It makes life much more fun.

At last! My life is complete now that I have my little brown buddie. I named him Duncan Smith after everyone's favourite MP.

Needs more This app Is great because of the data so thats 3 stars and feeding the poop and stuff gives 2 stars But minus 1 because u cant buy the food and stuff... Also add games... Make this game similar to pou

Thank you so much Since I lost my dog, old Shep, I have found a hole in my life. Now I've got my own turd to look after, the world seems to be a brighter place to live and I no longer throw myself off bridges. Thank you so much. This app has made the price of my phone worth it. In fact I'm thinking of getting another contract so I can raise two. If everyone does this, your app may just steer the country out of this recession.

Help please Its been raining for a long time so is it okay to leave the poop outside cuz it has zero flies and its lonley

Help My poop is green and his friends are white and pink. Tell me what happened I will rate five

Pretty Favourite game to play while on the toilet hahahaha But its really hard to feed. I drag the food over it and nothing happens

Cute Tacking. Care of a poop just like the game pou nut just dont have no eyes or talks fun

Excellent except... This app is so fun I love It!! I set up a poopbook for my poop but he refuses to makes friends

Awsome I even take care of real poop now XD. And the guy that said epic your poop decides the friends you cant choose em but poop can you can only view your poop's friends.and how do u get money and is it normal for my henry to get rotten?

Awesome a pet poop! But it need an update man like a poop shop were you can get toys for him/her it! Whatever and more places to go instead of just outside/inside like a park or maybe in a baby's room...I don't know! OK I'm just trying to help you OK cool :-) oh! And a new friends pet pee pet vomit pet fart pet snot pet ear wax you get the point please do that... :-) for me and everyone thanks :-) and the black lines it just means your poop wants food and a pat! :-)

Would been 5 til it updated When it updated its not showing any scents or aromas when it's wearing it....I wanna see the aroma of hell I bought but can't plz fix it Ty

Great Its a good time waster although I've been playing 4 like 4 days and my poop hasn't found any friends yet can you make a way for you 2 find ur friends not the poop ? Also maybe you can dress up the poop and add like put sad faces or happy faces or however the poop feels in like thought bubbles? Thank you

So fun I absolutely LOVE Dungial. This is a very entertaining game! 5 stars! Do you think you could add a bed? That would be awesome! Thanks!

6months later and still loving it Had it on my phone since I got it and downloded it on my new nexus 7 today. Her name is unchi!

Corn Toppin' So far so good! Its like having a poop Tomagotchi! Add some corn topping to dress it up!

Love my little guy but... Poopbook suddenly stopped working and hasn't been fixed in quite a while. He misses his friends. I saw someone else also had this problem this month. We can't be alone. Please fix and I will add that much deserved 5th star. Its a great app.

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