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The aim arrow had me shooting in wrong direction. The players were scarce so titles of players that purposely let you win by setting up your balls or shooting your balls went into play. The game was deeply programmed so honest learning of game did not exist. A handful of players were very good players. The game froze after an opponent fouled. Uninstalled Worth it!

If someone is loosing with computer n gives up at last moment, score doesnt add win for computer score. One can cheat with scores Not bad

for online games, what's the best strategy to unlock levels? i can play the expert level, accumulate a lot of points but cannot buy sticks because level is locked. Marvelous

I love it for one thing, it's very real and competitive and it helps kills boredom. I love it! Perfect!

Works perfect on the LG V20!!! I don't like however since update the adds popping up with other games like when ya first open. Change that pop up screen to only be there in open and I will give 5 stars again. If I want to find new games I will look for them, don't need them forced down my throat! Offer a paid/ad free version!? love it

For the best of my knowledge it is so far the best pool game I have never seen with good graphics am advising my friends to download this game because it doesn't harrash Works great

some players will get stuck and your only option is to leave the game and lose...and there's this one time, i was surprised by a "slow connection" though i have a very good signal and the next thing i know i lost the game? come on... Worth it!

My favorite pool game, but this days I have server problems i hope next update will solved this problem, thanks. Flawless

Put an angle line coming out of the ball for better aiming other than that awesome game! Brings me back to my younger years! Perfect

It's a fantastic game. I tried almost all of the similar one but this one is d best amongst all. Jk Awesome

This is better than most pool apps and it's fun to play when yur just chilling smoking a blunt Great!

Good game, but fix the break shot physics. The ball didn't seem to scatter properly on the break Enjoy it!

I just want to say that this game is better than 8 Ball Pool because it's only 10 MB and its much more simple than 8 Ball Pool. Only three words, I LOVE IT! Fantastic

I am not a well player but this game is very good that this game is teaching ushke to play so I loved this game very much Pretty good

Love the fact that it's not a heavy game, plays smoothe and graphics are great. Nice easy fun when you're passing time waiting fora friend. Works great

I don't know what rules this game plays by but they are not any rules that I have ever seen before for simple eight ball pool. Otherwise it's a good game and keeps me busy. love it

I am a big fan of ur game.. Can u do me a favour please link this game to email or facebook id because whenever i want to change my cellphone then the game starts from starting point please do something when anyone cange his cell phone then the game starts at that point or level where i left please love it

Please make the line in the cue a real line not with gaps and when i play online the aim guide line for the sides font show up please fix thanks Amazing!

The control for setting up the cue is ENTIRELY too sensitive and it takes forever to set up a shot because you just barely touch it and it mov around when I get ready to shoot. The game cheats also, said I fouled when the game made the shot and I lost shots because of this a few times. I have tried 5 or 6 different pool games, this is the best I could find so far, not very pleased though. Fantastic

The game was ok but , my suggestion to the developer. Can you put 2 player here . In bluetooth so that we can enjoy it with my friend Not bad

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