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I have played this app before and I like it! It's brilliant game and it's easy, medium and hard, it's similar to the other pet simulators! Great job

Best game ever My brother loved it Fabulous!

I love it College Not bad

1 It takes only one hour I can't believe its too good I love dog games, when I play dog game first time it was to cool I complete all the level in one day and now I am playing dog training game , dogs game are too cool, stylish and fresh man, please download this game, I will like if millions of people and children will download this game and give it five star Superb!

AWESOME U guys should just stop talking trash about this game it is AMAZING Recommend

? There's only 5 missions and there's so many ads every time i finish there's a ad! Awesome

Best game ever Omg this game is like heaven in a game Pretty good

T I love it very much Well done!!

Love it Great game and a real time stopper Perfect!

I REALLY LIKE THIS GAME SO MUCH It makes me strong and brave and beautiful and is the best thing that happened to me ever so be famous and get your iPad I love police Enjoy it!

I Really ×100 Love It! The Reason Why I Love It Is Because It Makes Me Strong And Brave Just Like The Doggy InThe Game.The Important Thing Is,The Dog Is So Cute!:D Highly Recommend.

May at abrahim It's is a nice game the police let's the to train and he is very cool he is cute and very good he trains and become a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good dog install this game and you will like it wow lol

So good I have always loved German Shepherds, so this game feels like I am the police with that dog and I would like to thank them for making this game and that reality, thank you so much! Surprisingly

Loved it It is awesome u actually get to jump through hoops and chase bad guys and jump over fences u get to take down bad guys but it is not violent at all Well done!!

good game It is a really good game. You will fall in love with this game. So get your electronic and download it!

Best game ever! I love this game so much! One thing I would change is letting the player choose from a variety of dogs.

(╯_╰) Either I'm doing this wrong or there's only 5 short levels if this is correct plz make real missions like catching bad guys and stuff plz.

Stop acting Supid I love the game, but if you fail, You Fail, so deal with it.Ella and I are good but get it into you head that if you FAIL, YOU FAIL.

:l People say there annoyed because it keeps saying f ailed mission well guess what it means YOU FAIED STOP HATING A PERFECT GOOD GAME.Also you don't do loads of big things because it's a ("TRAING") game. People who made the game and the people who like this game ;) me ^^ :) :D

SOOOOOO GOOD I lol for dogs :-) :-) :-) so good I laughed out loud for dogs I really want one lol lol lol lol ♡♡♡

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