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There should be more getting out of the car and other cars driving around. And bad guys and yiu have to try to get them Highly Recommend.



It's ok I just wanted the game to be a little bit better so a little bad Awesome

Fun game but short lived. Was able to 3 star every level in one morning plus locate hidden stars and unlock all vehicles except one only due to the mandatory waiting period. Interface and controls easy to use and understand but far from a complete game. Felt like time was spent everywhere except making tasks unique and challenging or even enough to keep a person interested beyond a day or 2. Look forward to see where you take the game from here and hope it continues to evolve . Perfect



Buggy it goes forwards or backwards on its own, needs more buildings, Needs gas stations, and it needs 4 maps,1 is for the Campaign, 2 is for free roaming (gas stations, pick time of day, choose weather, AI on the road with traffic, have other cops, random criminals allover the map, and way moremore cars to choose from all free) 3 is a flat area so we can test the speed of the cars, and 4 an offroading map only (with alot of dirt roads) and those are my requests for the up coming updates Must have

I was in pursuit of a criminal but I was like 15 feet behind him and it said that he got away. Dumbest. Thing. Ever. wow lol

I like the game because I don't have to go to the destination if I don't want to because I will take a little criuse Good

It's ok wish there was more to explore I completed the task in about a day and a half to 2 days Omg

Hi everyone lets see the rating ... boring I can't pass those levels like don't dodge animals obstacle 2 and race helicopter. Don't install wow lol

Just simply awesome. If you haven't played this game yet well... you better try it now. Well done!!

It is an amazing game with good graphics and outstanding cars. But I have one suggestion, to make the game more attractive. Add car upgrades, add some more cars and add some traffic. Graphics needs a little more improvement. Thanks for introducing such nice game. My brother and I love it. Highly Recommend.

There should be more traffic.I'm the only citizen and police in the city doing missions!!!! Brilliant

Very fun game. A few issues, if you drive when not in a mission, then you need to get gas every minute. Only takes seconds, but it's annoying. Needs more cop cars on presidential escort. Lastly, needs more missions, with a greater variety of missions. A few more cars would be nice. Needs traffic. Very quick game. However, I will say it was fun for what I could work with. Online mode could be cool, like if you and 10 other people are escorting the president, but there's an assassin. Maybe on a highway. But good starter cop simulator. Works great

wow lol

Good but Add an traffic its boring if iam alone roming around the place then add more police cars give a hand brake to pls Enjoy it!

Works perfectly


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