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Whenever I try to zoom in it freezes and for some second and gets blurred and its a very slow process even when selecting the texts is so hard Cool

Works great for me, can open pdfs and other formates without a struggle. Not many great features but it does what i want it to. Fabulous!

Its a good way of dealing with documents , presentations and charts. You don't have to buy computer for microsoft tasks when it can be done on android with polaris office 5 Omg

Ever good to view any tips of big Pdf file format easily with fast processing..## Awesome

I have issue regarding pdf files. After reading certain pages of should start with that pages only. But here it is starts from 1st page. Do sth for that. Cool

Good But Needs Work When I Move Around PDF File, It Stays Blurred For A Second Then It Clears Up. Apart From That It Is Okay For Me........ :) Flawless

Stop Working It stops working if you open big file. Please fix this issue. Other thn tht its perfect. Go well

Could be better Sometimes the app is really slow when i open office word documents with it. Also, pdf files are poorly opened as well Enjoy it!

Huge problem It doesn't open the page where u left ,u'r session. But starts from start of file when opened.. Amazing!

5 in 1 Perfect all is's came ti my phone as default but I use it widely by updating the app Fantastic

اگر مسافرتی جایی باشم که دسترسی به کامپیوتر نباشه می تونم پاورپینتمو در گو شیم دریت کنم Recommend

No shortcut I don't have a shortcut to the app. I have to go through a different app to access this one Brilliant

Need something better excel file can't can edit excel file which is protected with password?? Highly Recommend.

The recent update has just made the pdf viewer awful. There are gaps coming in between words and some letters are sticking to one another. It is getting difficult to read. Great!

Nice But in the ppt pls add more transition otherwise its great. You can sit and make anything. Surprisingly

Good, but prefer google docs Okay app overall, but in documents, it has it formatted like a PC document, hard to read unless zoomed in. Such a shame as it's pre-installed on my phone, I would have expected it to have more potential for something I can't uninstall. Worth a go!

Hate it, still doesn't work Hated it for my other phones and I hate it for this phone wish I could still use file manager for the old android 2.5 phones it was waaaaay better. The polaris office on this phone doesn't work, I can't see any of my files it says no items in every folder I have, so I can't move any of my files to my sd cards and I just updated it again 5 minutes ago and it still says no items in all of my folders. Enjoy it!

Good app but... It's a good app but I recently can't save my work after adding more text. It was working fine yesterday but not today. Please help

Thumbs up. Pretty straight forward app. Simple and intuitive GUI. Take your office on the go.

Works well Got this preinstalled on my htc... It's good enough for emergency on the go kinda work.. nothing to complain about!

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