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Just started with this app and an H10 chest strap heart rate sensor. So wish the app had one screen displaying JUST THE HEART RATE AND TIME OF DAY! REALLY! In big numbers filling the screen! I dont care about calories burned! Just wow

The h7 chest strap heart rate monitor has gym link compatibility. So your heart rate shows up on any of the cardio machines at the gym. Awesome

It works ok. What I find most frustrating is how slow it is to sync with Flow. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours. Today it's been 6 hours and has still not synced. Eh, two months later and I still have to log out, and log on several times a week. I ask get wide heart rate spikes and drops. From 124 to 230 back down to 10 within minutes. Crazy. Then it works fine for the next 90 minutes. wow lol

Great app to track all your workouts. Combined with Polar Flow (website version), it gives great stats on your workout sessions. The GPS can be spotty at times (e.g., I jogged a block but the app may record me cutting through the block) but I'll blame that on my phone (Moto Z Play). I have my workouts automatically synced to Strava (so I can compete in Strava challenges and for Strava's social aspect). I have this app paired with my H10 HRM and it's been perfect. I can't think of any use case that would get me to spend hundreds of dollars on a Polar wearable when I have use this app on my phone during my runs. Surprisingly

Minus 2 stars, not Stable. informative. Not v800 but helps a lot. Sinces with flow only God knows how and by Gods wish only. Appears in flow statistics after 2 or 3 days, whenever it wants Amazing!

App seems to work but keeping the H10 paired is my issue. 1 minute it's tracking and then it just stops and have to start pairing process all over in hopes it reconnects. Electrodes are very moist so I don't think that's the issue Great!

Pretty good, but when I created the Polar Flow account, it didn't import any of my previous sessions. I can't find an option to force an upload of previous records. Must have

Polar has always had the best hardware and software for pulling together all your training. I have been using polar since 2003. Not bad

Pretty good, but would like to be able to set a distance or time goal for a particular session instead of having to manually stop it when done. Perfect

This app has been solid for a year, generally a four star app. However this latest update on a real kick in the pants for your battery. Used to be that an hour long workout took 4% off my battery. After the latest update that jumped to 10-12% Works great

So far so good with my Polar H10 HR monitor. HR is automatically detected on the gym machines at the gym which is nice added bonus. Very good at giving you info on how many calories I've burnt too. Looks like i didn't give myself enough credit as I'm burning calories like furnace in my sessions now that my HR is being measured. Good way to keep track and stay motivated by reviewing consistent results. Life is a marathon with a few sprints here and there. I'm enjoying both and loving the process. love it

Very informative and easy to set up and use. A must for old weekend warriors, gotta stay out of the red. GPS enabled phones don't need phone signal for this app to work. wow lol

Look i love everything about what app actually does, but my biggest issue is the chest sensor take a while to link up and sometimes even when they link the readings are off for the first 2 minutes while it syncs Works great

Polar belt for about $100 paired with this free app works great. Been using for 2 years and still on first battery Marvelous

Easy to use, and no bugs or issues so far... using it now two months. Having the app and documenting my running is helping make it a habit (I hate running). Only dislike I have is that the app starts immediately when you press 'start' whereas a countdown would be nicer, so that you can put phone away and start jogging when the counter starts, instead of fiddling with it. Great!

Like the way it syncs to google fit. Would be nice if google fit made more use of the data. Great job

This is very helpful in tracking cardio exercises and calorie burn. Heart rate send accurate, so hopefully calorie burn is close. Superb!

edit: Down-rating because there is no way to add or create custom targets, It would be great if there is a way to sync targets from Polar Flow to Polar Beat so there is a way to use custom training targets on the Polar Beat App (like phased or interval) Fantastic

71 years old with heart disease I can control my heart rate to keep it below 120. Can get Max cardio with some level of safety Amazing!

Bought a Polar hear rate sensor belt with Bluetooth. Tried other apps to link to it, did not work. This of picked it up first try. Otherwise it does what I need (which is pretty basic) like monitoring heart rate and measuring time. GPS tracking also works fine. Works perfectly

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