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Making comments on the mobile app and playing at the same time are damn near impossible. They need to fix this. Otherwise, easy to use and fun. Worth it!

I love the app for Ohmaha. Wish the cards were bigger, very hard to read the suits. Marvelous

Should give more rewards for long time players . Like play once a day every day for a week and get free chips. wow lol

Now you only get so many chips basically once a day. Of course the games are rigged for a bigger buy in because they are trying to force you to buy chips, which isn't worth it. Same dumb players. Don't install, customer service is stupid and do not try to help Works perfectly

I have been on all the other holdem sites and always run into the suckouts and donkeys.. You know the ones.., anyway you will see. A few here too but its a huge improvement, pplayers here seem to care more. Recommend

I've had a few glitches like starting new tables when I didn't do it. Just keep adding more tables until I'm full. doesn't do it constantly but when it does in such a pain. I like to be able to change my betting tabs but I don't see an option for it. But as far as the app goes I love it. Can get some of the glitches to stop and add a few more options like on the desktop it would be awesome app. U guys fixed it th nd. Good job Perfect!

After the US Government decided to shut down online poker for U.S. players, when the dust finally settled, not only did PokerStars bail out PokerStar players, and all their money, but they also bailed out FullTilt players and all their money as well. This is everything you need to know about PokerStars ... they are Honorable, True-to- their-Word and I wouldn't play online poker anywhere else!!! Marvelous

Slow play, graphics a bit dull. Seems to be honest but the tournament reminders interupt games. Good learning tool . Worth it!

The fact that it's rigged to suck out your made hands makes it the ultimate challenge: If you can beat the game with rigged odds stacked against you then you'll do okay at real tables. Shoot, with this review, I'm sure to face doubly rigged games from hereon! Fourth and fifth street cards get switched up midplay, yay, everyone has a shot! Well done!!

It would be great to have a tournament you could play on your phone where you could win a seat at one of the big cash tournaments. I'm a Bounty Hunter and I spend several hours on steakouts playing here. Worth a go!

The game is great. Sometimes the players can be abrasive talking but I have seen monitors react. That was a good thing. Great job

Awesome as app once you get established. Lotsa nitwits on the lower limit games. Fabulous!

Great game to pass time, especially if you love poker. Wish it had a chat option to talk with the people you play with, but other than that it's perfect. Perfect

I miss the 2-7 lowball games, but for now I'm happy with this app, as it's easy to navigate, plus works well with my wi-fi at home Muito bom!

A poker site is a poker site. Same online players. Love rush poker, wish i could play more tables at once with 4 tables visible at same time. Highly Recommend.

Poker stars has a good setup for novices to complete players. I play the free games which are good for learning the game. The only drawback is the players who go all in on small pots and they end up getting the hand without trying to get value for a good draw. Cool

One of the best poker games ive found yet. It keeps you on edge and the fact that you only get so many free tokens a day maked it more interesting to play. wow lol

As small as it may seem, removing the fold option has diminished the experience. Recommend

Much better gameplay now that you can't reload every 5 minutes, and I haven't lost a real dollar playing it! Go well

Love the interface and game play options. Better players play higher stakes, so I'd you're looking to play against risk-taking donks then play low stakes. Superb!

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